Nick Mathews

Nick Mathews by the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff

Nick Mathews by the Zakim Bridge in Boston.


Age 24

Occupation Community manager of car service Uber


Residence Allston

Since you’re the community manager, do you put a lot of thought into how you dress when you meet with the community?

I would almost use the term “frat casual” with the way I dress.

Wait, did you say, “frat casual”?

That’s a joke my friends and I have. Boston is definitely a little less proper and refined. I’m more into skinny jeans and V-necks with a blazer thrown on top. Really, really casual, but at the same time it can be cleaned up when it needs to, like for a charity gala or something.

You suddenly became a fixture on the Boston party circuit this year. Did you have to buy a new wardrobe, or did you already have a frat casual wardrobe at the ready?

I built my wardrobe very ad hoc. There are nights when I’m not able to go home, so I’ll wake up in the office or at a friend’s house, couch surfing because of how late I’m out. Sometimes in the morning I’m running out and buying an entire change of clothes, and that’s how I built the wardrobe.

So either you’re paid very well or very poorly.

Price conscious, definitely. H&M is great. I like it because it’s disposable fashion. You’ll wear it a few times and it will die, but what a great few times that you’ll have. It lets you jump into a different style quickly.  — Christopher Muther

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