Victor Flores

Personal shopper Victor Flores.

Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff

Personal shopper Victor Flores.


Age 32

Occupation Personal shopper in designer and couture at Neiman Marcus


Residence Beacon Hill

Do a sizable number of women in Boston shop for couture?

I think Boston is a special place when it comes to evening, because there’s a lot that goes on. It’s a philanthropic city. It just seems to have its spark right now.

You’ve seen more people coming in?

Yes. It goes against the misconception that Boston isn’t a very forward or stylish city, that it’s old and boring — that’s really not the case.

You style other people for a living, but how do you style yourself?

I try to keep it understated. I try to keep it more about me than what I’m wearing. I do like designer, but then I still religiously wear my super-skinny Levi’s.

Women put a lot of trust in you because you’re helping them pick very expensive dresses. What’s your secret?

It’s just my life. I’m an anomaly because I’m a guy doing this. Really what I do is help a lady feel sexy but confident. In a classy way.  — C.M.

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