Chris Necklas

Cambridge, MA 022313 Chris Necklas (Cq)was photographed on February 16, 2013 at Harvard University's Newell Boathouse for the upcoming 2013 Boston Globe Sunday Magazine 25 Most Stylish. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ MAG ASSISTANT: CECILLE AVILA
Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff
Chris Necklas at Harvard University's Newell Boathouse.


Age 27

Occupation Founder, L.I. Sounder and product manager, Swirl

Residence Boston

How did you get into the business of fashion start-ups?

I love products and design and innovation. For me, there’s never been one specific category — I really enjoy working on a consumer iPhone app with Swirl and then, in my spare time, also making leather watchbands, sunglass straps, and boat-shoe laces.

Has it affected how you feel about fashion and style?

I have a newfound respect for how much work and effort it takes to do something new and get it to that point where you release it to the public.

L.I. Sounder puts a big emphasis on quality American-made goods. Has that helped from a business perspective?

Not only has it been really helpful, it’s what makes it most enjoyable. Just working with Frank Clegg in Fall River, he works with a number of different designers in the area who come into his leather shop. The best part about making your product in the United States is that there’s a camaraderie between the companies doing it.  —  Rachel Raczka

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