Dani McDonald

Dani McDonald at her South End home.
Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff
Dani McDonald at her South End home.

Dani McDonald

Age 30

Occupation Co-owner of Flock

Residence South End

Do the contents of your closet resemble the contents of your store?

My personal style definitely influences the buying that I do. But after having the store for three years, I have learned to adjust a little to accommodate my customer’s style. I usually try to do a good mix of both.

Did you have different expectations when you first opened the store?

My personal style is a little more West Coast, a little bit more bohemian. Instead of trying to go all the way with my bohemian style, I started mixing in those very traditional Boston pieces. At the same time, I want my customers to step out of their comfort zone and try things that are a little bit different and a little riskier.

What is it like working with your mom?

It’s been the most amazing experience. She’s been the best business partner I could ever ask for. I know a lot of mother-daughter relationships can be up and down, but we work so well together because our style overlaps. Our goal is to have a store where mothers and daughters shop together.  — Christopher Muther

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