Maggie DeSantis Ahearn

Maggie DeSantis Ahearn at the W Residennces.
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Maggie DeSantis Ahearn at the W Residennces.


Age 62

Occupation Vice president at Otis & Ahearn Real Estate

Residence Back Bay

Do you think it’s harder today for women over 50 to look fashionable?

I think it’s easier. Even though much of fashion is often geared to a youth-oriented audience, you can absolutely find clothes that are chic and age-appropriate. Today, women over 50 look better than they ever have and can carry off trends in fashion and style. I never wear a single designer head to toe, though. I like to mix it up, knowing a sense of my own style. I also dress for the weather. I have a lot of coats!

Any fashion pet peeves?

The one thing that drives me crazy is everything is sleeveless. I don’t like to go sleeveless. I feel there’s nothing sleeker than a long-sleeved dress that hugs a fit body.

Do you have an office dress code?

We sell residential homes in the downtown market, and to a large degree, they are high-end properties with high-net-worth clients. But we call our dress code “kicky corporate,” allowing people to be creative and style conscious with their fashion choices.  

—  Tina Sutton

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