My Instagram: Lauren Enman

She owns a black cat, loves Rob Zombie movies, and Halloween is her favorite day of the year. You don’t have to be Encyclopedia Brown to deduce that this week’s Instagram fashion plate wishes she lived her life in a Tim Burton movie while dressed in an Alexander McQueen ensemble. Meet Goth style maven Lauren Enman. The 27-year-old Salem resident works at Marc Jacobs and as a makeup artist. She describes her look as “feminine Goth.” Therefore, she’s a girlie Goth (is that a thing?) gliding around Salem draped in lace, long skirts, and dresses. Time to pay a visit to her fashionable dark side.

Q. Did you wind up in Salem to be with other Goths, or did you end up there by accident?

A. Growing up in New England I always loved visiting Salem because you could see witch museums and buy Halloween decorations all year. I moved to Las Vegas for a few years after college to try something new. It wasn’t for me. When I returned to Massachusetts I met my boyfriend, who happened to be living in Salem.


Q. Biggest misconception about Goths?

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A. A lot of people think goths hate the sun, warmth, summer, etc. Perhaps that’s true for some, but I can always slap on some SPF 70 and still enjoy time outside when it’s nice out. Winter is just plain miserable no matter who you are.

Q. Are there any horror films that have influenced the way that you dress or do your makeup?

A. No particular horror film influenced my style but certainly my love for the genre, all things macabre, and Halloween have all contributed to my choices.

Q. Are there feminine Goth fashion role models for you? The only one who comes to mind is Stevie Nicks, but she’s neither a Goth nor fashionable.


A. Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) in “Beetlejuice” and obviously Morticia Addams, the Gothic goddess.

Q. Are you one of those people who make me feel like a loser on Halloween because you come up with an incredibly elaborate costume?

A. I would say that this past Halloween, yes. I put a good amount of people to shame. I was only a dead bride, but with the help of white contacts, creepy vintage items that made up my costume, and the fact I’ve been a makeup artist for about seven years, let’s just say I couldn’t walk three minutes through downtown Salem without people asking for a picture with me.

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