My Instagram: Nei Andrade

Nei Andrade.
Nei Andrade.

His journey to becoming this week’s Instagram style pick began in the Southern Hemisphere. Nei Andrade ( started leafing through fashion magazines as a boy in Brazil. He later graduated with a degree from the Universidade Veiga de Almeida in Rio de Janeiro, and worked in Brazil’s bustling fashion industry. Then, he arrived in Peabody. OK, it may not sound like the most logical progression, but the 37-year-old’s fascination with the US led him here.

Andrade now works as a fashion stylist in Boston, taking his inspiration from what he sees on the streets and on the runway. He humbly adds that he can take any piece of clothing and make it look remarkable. Clearly, this man has never seen the contents of my closet. Time to put the spotlight on Andrade — and his love of shoes and sunglasses.

Q. If you could change one, or more, things about the way that men dress in Boston, what would it be? Is there any particular peeve you have, or advice that you can give?


A. If I could dress the men of Boston, I would add colors and patterns to their wardrobes. But I’d do it in a way that creates styles that, and fashion that, matches people’s personalities. It would look classic and comfortable all in one.

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Q. It sounds as though you were successful in Brazil. Why leave Rio de Janeiro for Boston — a city that’s much colder and lacks both a hedonistic Carnival and decent caipirinhas?

A. I’ve always been fascinated by New York City. When I had the opportunity to come with my college for workshops offered by Parsons, I could not take it. But when I finally got here it was everything I had ever dreamed of.

Q. I know quite a few people who fancy themselves fashion stylists, even though they couldn’t put together a decent outfit for a cat. Do you think having a good eye for fashion is something you’re born with or something you learn?

A. I have always loved fashion, and I’ve always had a good eye for it. Ever since I was a child I’d give my opinion to my friends about what they were wearing, even if they didn’t want to hear it. As I grew older I started to look at things more critically and kept studying and staying up to date on the fashion world.


Q. You say you have the ability to make any piece of clothing look remarkable. So what’s you’re secret?

A. Scarves can add a lot to any production. Just the way you tie it simply around your neck or throw it over your shoulders can transform any look into the look.

Q. Be truthful: Is Brazil more fashionable than the United States?

A. I would say Brazilian fashion has a lot of color, but the styles are really inspired by American and European fashion. Except for beach fashion, Brazil’s fashion does not have its own identity.

Q. Speaking of Brazil, I’ve recently been obsessed with bossa nova. Do I sound like an old man for admitting that I’m a fan?


A. Bossa nova touches people’s souls, and only someone with good taste could enjoy it. Don’t feel old.

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