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    My Instagram: Kristina Gleaton

    Given that she splits her time between working at the J.Crew at Copley Place, acting as a “blo boss” at Blo Blow Dry Bar , and nannying, it’s a wonder that 26-year-old Brighton resident Kristina Gleaton ( had a spare moment to chat with us. This Globe-trotting, sparkling water-obsessed Francophile loves music (from Daft Punk to opera, Washed Out to classical), art, and meditation. Before this starts sounding like a profile, let’s have a word with this week’s Instagram style star, shall we?

    Q. I’ve noticed in your photos that you have a love of statement necklaces. I’m wondering if their hefty weight has led to any neck or shoulder problems?

    A. Yes, I adore statement necklaces, and no, I haven’t suffered any necklace-induced injuries . . . yet. I love how effortlessly they can complete a look. There are so many options for statement necklaces out there now. I’m also a fan of layering necklaces to create an entirely different look. Also, it is pretty difficult to work at J.Crew and not love statement necklaces.

    Q. Do you feel that you have an unfair advantage over all other women because you work in a blow bar and your hair always looks amazing?

    A. Well, thank you. That is without a doubt one perk of being a blo boss. But make no mistake, I’m a huge fan of baseball caps. I have several on my wish list for fall, including a leopard-print, calf hair cap.

    Q. How have all of your travels influenced the way that you dress? Do you feel more eclectic and daring with your wardrobe than other Bostonians?


    A. Traveling has influenced every aspect of my life, including my style. I’ve observed fashionable people everywhere I’ve been and the one thing they all had in common, no matter the city, culture, or language, is the fact that they all exude confidence. I’ve become more adventurous with my wardrobe choices. Sometimes I do feel as though it’s a bit out there for most Bostonians, but I’m OK with that.

    Q. With apologies to all other people I’ve interviewed for this column, you seem to have better taste in music than most. Primarily because it’s just like mine. Where do you find new music?

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    A. I’m the girl that can’t walk from my car in the parking lot into a building without her earbuds in. One of my favorite pastimes is searching for new music. My favorite music blogs are Indie Shuffle, Le Tournedisque, and Et Musique Pour Tous. Such a great, eclectic mix of music between the three of them. I have international friends who share what they’ve been listening to as well.

    Q. OK, Miss Sparkling Water Expert, tell me what bubbles I should be sampling these days? What are your favorites?

    A. So this is a totally new obsession for me. Ironically, both times I lived in Europe, in Cyprus and in Italy, I disliked sparkling water, or “aqua frizzante.” A few months back, I tried it again and now I’m hooked. I wasn’t joking about my idea to travel the world and sample all of the brands out there.

    Want to be featured as our next Instagram style star? Hashtag your photos #BostonSnap. Christopher Muther can be reached at Follow him on Instagram @Chris_Muther and on Twitter @Chris_Muther.