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    My Instagram: Kara Korab

    She’s young and in love — with her camera, Paris, indie music, denim jackets, DJing, and a very peculiar black hat. All of which means we’ve snagged ourselves a gem for this week’s Instagram style spotlight. Studying in Paris gave Kara Korab ( true bobo style (that’s “bourgeois bohemian” for those of us who don’t live on the continent). The 21-year-old Boston University international relations and history major DJs on radio station WTBU and spends the remainder of her time clicking her camera. But she took a moment away from her Parisian daydreams of crepes and Catherine Deneuve to answer a few questions.

    Q. You have a hat that looks like Madeline goes goth. Can you tell me where it came from?

    A. I got it into my mind about a year ago that I wanted a black hat. I started seeing black bowler hats popping up and I knew I wanted something similar. I had a vision in my mind: Black felt, flat-topped, with a little more of a brim than a bowler, but not floppy, and not a fedora.

    I started looking around in Boston, but I just couldn’t find the right one. I looked in Paris and all over Europe, but no hat. I was literally having dreams about this hat. That sounds weird. It was weird. I started thinking it might not exist. I was online shopping one day and just happened upon it on I was kind of in shock. After all my endless searching, here it was, so simple. Sometimes, when asked, I might or might not pretend that I did find it in some romantic little boutique in Paris. Or, you know, say it just appeared out of the sky as things do.

    Q. When you said you love “oversized jean jackets,” I suddenly felt a chill. Tell me your inspiration for the jacket. Extra points if it’s a reference to a 1980s pop singer.


    A. I’d be lying to you if I said I hadn’t watched “The Breakfast Club” about a million times and absolutely steal the style of not only Molly Ringwald (classic) and Ally Sheedy (team basket case forever). That being said, my inspiration probably came more from 1990s grunge: The more beat-up the better. At this point I practically have a jean jacket for every occasion, complete with buttons from my favorite local bands, 1990s cartoons, and even one from the Museum of Science’s college night.

    Q. When you were studying in Paris, did you ever make a plan to just stay there so you could continue to refine your bobo style?

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    A. Is this a question? Do I dream every day of running off to Paris? Is it all that I talk about? Yes. Yes. Yes. I basically fell in love with the damn place, which is stupid and cliche but here it is. Did you ever go to a place and feel a sense of total belonging that you can’t explain? Well that’s Paris for me. In real life I’m actually considering taking some time off after graduation and going back to France and potentially teaching English for a year. And then, you know, if I accidentally stay for the rest of my life then oops.

    Q. Favorite french film?

    A. I don’t want to be cliche and say “Amélie,” but how can I resist Audrey Tautou? “The Intouchables” also has a place in my heart. And then, obviously, the original [1946] “Beauty and the Beast.” Or maybe not.

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