My Instagram: Ariane Henry

Before actress and model Ariane Henry ( leaves the South Shore for the concrete pastures of New York, we decided it was time to put her in the Instagram style spotlight. Once a week, we scour Instagram for fashionable local denizens, and then give them their 15 minutes (or quite a bit less if you’re a fast reader). Henry, 27, is an estate sale enthusiast who appreciates a good trend, but doesn’t kowtow to statement necklaces or jumpsuits just because they happen to be featured in the pages of Marie Claire. Time to get to know this aspiring entertainer.

Q. I’m sad to hear we’re losing another fashion plate to New York, but I imagine that there isn’t a lot of acting work on the South Shore. What’s your dream job in New York?

A. Boston will always be special to me, but I’m excited to take a nice bite out of the Big Apple. I have so many dream jobs. It’s hard to “Sophie’s Choice” it. But my idea of a dream job in New York would be one that allows me to achieve my goals of being successful in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Q. You spend a lot of time at estate sales finding beautiful and inexpensive things. So I’m wondering: Are you into vintage items, or are you a bargain hunter? Or maybe a touch of both?

A. I’m definitely a touch of both. At first I thought it was just a love and appreciation for vintage items, but I’ve learned that I have an even bigger love for finding a good deal.

Q. Since we’re on the topic, what was your best estate sale find? Any helpful tips you can share for finding the good stuff?


A. My best estate sale find to date is a gorgeous Egyptian enamel necklace, which helps me channel my inner Cleopatra. My first tip is to arrive early. The saying “the early bird gets the worm” definitely applies here because there are lots of other people who are looking for good deals. But my most important tip is to have an open mind and look for unusual items because those are hard to come by. I love the opportunity to revive an item that may have been forgotten about.

Q. As a model you have to wear clothes from a lot of different designers. Did you ever wear something that you truly disliked, and did it make you slightly uncomfortable to wear it?

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A. Thankfully no. I’ve liked most of the designs I’ve worn, though there was that time I walked in a very short dress and at the end of the runway, the dress rode up and there was a little cheek action. It was so embarrassing but I powered through it and I’m thankful social media wasn’t popular at the time.

Q. I might be going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing you’ve always enjoyed being the center of attention. When did you first realize you wanted to model and act?

A. Yes, I enjoyed being the center of attention — just a little bit — and being the youngest didn’t help. According to my family, I’ve always been the little actress, but I wasn’t interested in modeling until my family relocated from Trinidad to New England. I entered a pageant and ended up winning the title of Miss Teen Providence. That experience sparked my interest and opened up many doors for me. The rest is history.

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