Aficionados of travel the way it used to be will find airlines restoring old planes to provide it. Pictured, a Douglas DC-3 from the era of air travel as a luxury.


On South Africa’s SkyClass Aviation’s DC-3 and DC-4 “passengers get to experience these majestic aircraft with engines purring, oil dripping and smoke bellowing," said operations manager David Cilliers.

Lufthansa’s Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin Foundation operates a Junkers Ju52, with 30- to 60-minute passenger flights in the summers for about $250 to $450.


In Maine, a European airline is quietly spending millions to restore one of the last remaining Lockheed Super Constellations, with plans to carry passengers.


A Lockheed Super Constellation at a Swiss airshow.

Old planes refurbished to offer taste of luxury

Intricately restored vintage aircraft, complete with all the elegance and service of a bygone era, fly in Canada, Africa, Australia, and Europe. By Jon Marcus

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