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Coin-operated animatronic band at the Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park.

Eric Doyle for The Boston Globe

Coin-operated animatronic band at the Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park.

Gems on the Turquoise Trail of New Mexico

Traversing the Turquoise Trail reveals a lot about this central region of New Mexico and the people who call it home. By James Reed

// What’s in my suitcase? Holiday edition

Here’s what’s in travel writer Christopher Muther’s suitcase this holiday season.

// High hopes for balloon fest, but mountain peaks would have to do

Since the weather was not pleasant for the International Balloon Fiesta, hiking was the only option.

Fork in the road

// Red Arrow’s been getting partisans’ votes since 1922

You never know who you might meet at the 24-hour diner in Manchester, N.H. — and we’re not just talking about the night owls.

Bump in the road

// Up a creek in so many ways in Belize

It's difficult to paddle the Lodge at Chaa Creek because a traveler needs to row upstream for six miles from San Ignacio.

What we hate most about flying: each other

Two new studies prove that the worst part of flying is other fliers.

// The high price of a visit to Boston

Lodging in Boston for visitors doesn’t come cheap, according to a new study.

Check in

// The Gaylord Opryland Resort

If you’re one of those people for whom the Christmas season cannot arrive fast enough, you need to spend a few days at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

//,%20Federica%20Basili%20holding%20white%20truffles%20190_2.jpg Eat truffles like a prince in a historic Italian palazzo

Nothing beats Italy in truffle season.

// Ancient intrigue awaits in Morgantina

Sicilian dig turns up and returns historic items to ancient island settlement.

Travel troubleshooter

Help! My ‘free’ car rental voucher doesn’t work at the airport

Robert Reeve won’t be able to use the nonrefundable certificate for the rental. What now?


// Bringing joy and sparkle to the holiday season

Jewelry, toys, lights, wine, and music all help to bring joy and sparkle to the holiday season.

News, apps, deals, and gear

Here, there, and everywhere

// From Chicago stylin’ to touring Ipswich

News, apps, deals, and gear from New England and beyond.


special section

// Chill: Shake it up

The newest gear, hottest peaks, and coolest places to warm up after a long day of chasing snowy thrills.

Globe Magazine

// Winter travel

Thirty-five ways to love a New England winter, plus touching the whales off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

A Tank Away

Diamond Hill State Park still shows the contours of the former ski hill.


Cumberland’s charm should not be overlooked

This quiet town in Rhode Island’s northeast corner is often overlooked by travelers on their way to destinations like Providence or Twin River Casino.

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