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Travel is no vacation when couples clash

Opposites may attract, but that attraction can make for some very stressful moments when deciding what to do, where to go, and how to pace a trip. By Christopher Muther

// Nimmo Bay Resort: A wilderness retreat you’ll want to repeat

The remote British Columbia retreat is peerless.

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// Jane Swift on seafood, sangria, Sox, water views

There’s no place like home, according to the former governor, who moved from western Massachusetts to a lakeside home in Shelburne, Vt.

// A North Country drive you’ll hopefully never forget

Learn what to do when driving on a snowy or icy surface at the Team O’Neil Rally School & Car Control Center in Dalton.

// In Rome, the cocktail needs eons

In Italy, every movement is carefully choreographed by the bartender, and it’s more about art than efficiency.

Second look

// Grossology at the Connecticut Science Center

At the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, visitors can explore the stinky, slimy, and often unmentionable ways the human body stays healthy in “Grossology.”

Can Oceania keep our airfare refund?

When Brian Dean’s wife falls ill before their South Pacific cruise, they don’t expect to lose their airfare. But now their cruise line wants to pocket their refund.

Food & TRavel

// With Karoo, South African brings dishes of her homeland to Eastham

From Cape Town to Cape Cod reads the slogan on servers’ T-shirts at Karoo Restaurant, opened by South African restaurateur Sanette Groenewald.


// Ming goddess, carved birds lead Julia auction

A Ming dynasty bronze figure of a Chinese goddess and a set of miniature shorebirds carved were the top sellers at James D. Julia’s Fine Art, Asian & Antiques Auction.

News, apps, deals, and gear

Here, there, and everywhere

// From breakfast at the Charles to an artsy deal in NYC

News, apps, deals, and gear from New England and beyond.


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// Chill: Shake it up

The newest gear, hottest peaks, and coolest places to warm up after a long day of chasing snowy thrills.

Globe Magazine

// Winter travel

Thirty-five ways to love a New England winter, plus touching the whales off Mexico’s Pacific coast.