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Shoes for sightseers

Q. Here’s a travel-style question: Wherever I travel, from Cambridge to Costa Rica, I’m all about walking. But my feet take a beating! All the so-called walking shoes are so ugly, and I don’t want to wear athletic shoes that scream “tourist!” Any shoes you might recommend for sightseeing?

Cindy Sisco, Marblehead

Bruno Menegatti’s chic peep-toe flat.

A. Ahh, the Holy Grail of travel: the walking shoe that looks fabulous! Have you heard of a brand made in Brazil called Bruno Menegatti? They make a chic peep-toe flat that’s super foot-friendly, in soft leather with a cushiony rubber base (available at The oxford is having a fashion moment, so you may want to check out ECCO’s Chase Tie, a walking shoe that looks like a retro bowling shoe. (Love it!) Others to consider: Cole Haan’s “Air” series, New Balance Well2Go 115, and the Nike Free 5.0 (you can customize the colors). And Reef, makers of the awesomely comfortable flip-flop, just launched a line of boots — these sound promising, too. No matter what you choose, know this: You may still need to pop an extra pair into your backpack to swap out at midday.