The kids are far right

President Trump’s unlikely rise to power has fueled a new sect of young conservatives vying to become players in a quickly evolving right-wing media landscape.

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The field has been narrowed to 32. Vote in our March Madness-style bracket to pick the most universally loved local place to eat.

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Dining Out reviews

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Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

Latest Lifestyle headlines

Talking sex work, ‘Fifty Shades,’ and BDSM at Emerson’s Bright Lights Film Series

Filmmaker and critic Cheyenne Picardo visited the Bright Lights Film Series to talk about her 2013 feature, “Remedy.”

A woman feeds one of four kittens born to a stray cat that got its head stuck in a peanut butter jar.

Cat stuck in peanut butter jar gives birth to kittens, dies

A stray cat found earlier this week with its head stuck in a peanut butter jar has been euthanized, but not before giving birth to a litter of kittens.


Wait, Tom Bergeron is nominated for the Supreme Court?

The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ host looks a lot like Trump’s nominee.

FILE - In this Dec. 6, 2011. file photo, fans dress up as students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry make a butterbeer toast as Universal Parks & Resorts announces the Harry Potter attraction is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, Calif. Pennsylvania's Yuengling's Ice Cream launched a butterbeer flavored ice cream on March 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Jason Redmond, File)

Harry Potter fans can soon eat butterbeer ice cream

Yuengling’s Ice Cream says the new butterbeer variety combines buttercream and butterscotch ice cream.

Jenner’s book will be published four days after the interview.

ABC’s Diane Sawyer to interview Caitlyn Jenner again

Jenner is slated to talk about her first couple of years of life as a woman.

White evangelical voters picked Trump by a huge margin - 80 percent to 16 percent - and Trump has frequently noted their support.

Trump will give commencement address at Liberty University

Liberty is the evangelical college led by his prominent supporter Jerry Falwell Jr.

Maine GOP Representative says health overhaul must protect rural, elderly

Maine Representative Bruce Poliquin says he’s making the case for any replacement of the Affordable Care Act to include protection for rural families and the elderly.

In new report, doctors urge more exercise for pregnant women

Fifty years ago, gynecological medicine emphasized the need for women to gain enough weight to provide for healthy fetal growth. Now the coin has been flipped.

Mike Pence in church over the weekend.

Conservative women’s group knocked for giving ‘Working for Women’ award to Mike Pence

As governor of Indiana, Pence signed into law some of the country’s strictest antiabortion measures, and as a member of Congress, he repeatedly voted against federal equal-pay bills.

Miss Conduct

Advice: Dealing with a drama-in-law

Here’s one simple watchword for handling a difficult family member. Plus, is it OK to skip a baby shower?

Love Letters

They were dating, but now they just text. What happened?

She doesn’t get why he bothers texting every day if he never wants to see her.

Mark Hellendrung, CEO of Narragansett Beer, puts in the first batch of hops in Pawtucket, R.I.

When brewers collaborate, or how Narragansett returned to Rhode Island

Isle Brewers Guild in Pawtucket, a project from Narragansett, Newburyport Brewing Co., and several other brewers and distillers, opens to the public in April.

Gerald Green at Winship Elementary School


Gerald Green visits students in Brighton

He read aloud to children at the Winship Elementary School on Tuesday.

From the Bar

How to make the Blue Room’s Upside Down cocktail

It’s a crazy mixed-up world of gin, vermouth, cognac, and Fernet.

Ask Amy

Engagement puts strain on in-law relationship

It should be the happiest time of my life, but my future mother-in-law is giving me doubts.

Bridge closure leaves California’s Big Sur community reeling

Almost all the hotels, restaurants, and state parks were cut off when a bridge on the central coast crumbled last month..

Patients’ reports may aid prostate cancer treatment choice

The research bolsters evidence that sexual and urinary problems are more common after surgery than after radiation or monitoring.

Fred Rogers in “Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood.”


Why Congress should take another listen to Mr. Rogers

As someone who grew up the child of a single mother in the late ’80s, I can’t imagine not having those great PBS children’s shows — then or now.

David Ross reacts after being called out on strikes while playing for the Red Sox in 2014.


From backup catcher to the big screen for former Sox player David Ross

A movie is being made based on the catcher’s memoir.


Did Clay Buchholz name his baby after a brand of whiskey?

The former Red Sox pitcher gave his new baby a name that sounds awfully familiar.

Captain Eual Cathey (left), an L-20 Beaver aircraft, and the site where Cathey’s plane crashed in Vermont.

Globe Magazine

Decades later, can a Navy fighter pilot finally find his father’s downed plane?

Jeff Cathey knew he needed to stand on the spot where his Army pilot father died. He needed to face the family history head-on.

Perspective | Magazine

Why your optometrist doesn’t want you to know your PD

Your pupillary distance measurement is key to ordering eyeglasses online, but getting it can be a battle — and it shouldn’t be.


Deborah Madison reflects on vegetarian cooking then and now

The influential cookbook author collects favorite recipes from over the decades in her latest, “In My Kitchen.”

Split roast chicken with zucchini and ricotta under the skin

The confident cook

Yet another technique for roasting chicken? This time treat it like ravioli.

In this recipe from French-cooking legend Richard Olney, you butterfly the bird, then slip a ricotta mixture under its skin.

Mini juicy pork dumplings at Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown.

Cheap Eats

After a decade, Gourmet Dumpling House is still going strong

The popular Chinatown restaurant often has lines snaking down the block. The dumplings are a treat, but don’t miss the other dishes.

Filmmaker Joanna James

Her documentary focuses on women working in the restaurant industry

‘A Fine Line’ looks at issues such as equal pay for equal work and parental leave.

Baie Rose Pink Pepper at Curio Spice Co.

Her store looks like an apothecary and smells like the spices of the world

In Cambridge, Claire Cheney’s Curio Spice Co. awakens your senses with aromas from Madagascar, Cambodia, Greece, and beyond.

Green Circle rotisserie chicken at Branch Line.

Branch Line’s roast chicken comes home

The Watertown restaurant is running a special takeout dinner for two.

Recipe: barley, squash, and portobello mushrooms with dill dressing

This earthy, nutty salad manages to make winter squash feel fresh again.

Ask Amy

Never depend on a big-talking friend

Advice from Amy Dickinson

Orange and olive salad with citrus dressing

Recipe: orange and olive salad with citrus dressing

Bright, layered flavors make this dish a pleasure to eat.

Recipe: chocolate-rye brownies with bay leaves and almonds

These wonderful, fragrant brownies aren’t like any you’ve baked before.

Recipe: halibut with anchovies, cream, and rosemary

In this sauce, an unusual combination of ingredients tastes meant-to-be.

Love Letters

He can’t stop himself from looking

A thing that fuels this jealousy is that whenever a more attractive woman walks by, he can’t take his eyes off of her. I’ve brought it up to him before and he says he does it because he’s a guy.

Bird Sightings

Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.


Casting call for ‘Big Brother 19’

Have you ever wanted to live in a house with strangers with cameras recording your every move? Here’s your chance...

Kurt Eichenwald, in his Dallas home on Friday. He has been a prominent online critic of President Trump.

Maryland man accused of sending seizure-inducing tweet to Newsweek writer who has epilepsy

A Maryland man was arrested Friday on a cyberstalking charge in connection with allegedly sending a person who has epilepsy a strobe-enhanced Twitter message telling the victim that ‘‘you deserve a seizure,’’ federal officials said.

The endangered black-footed ferret is a fierce predator.

The key to saving ferrets from plague may be a peanut-butter treat

A vaccination for the black-footed ferrets’ favorite food — prairie dogs — is being tested out west.

Ask amy

Extrovert stresses he is not a stalker

Relationship advice from Amy Dickinson.


We saw the new Gronk movie so you don’t have to

Words of advice to the Patriots tight end: Don’t quit your day job.

Recipe | The confident cook

Keep St. Patrick’s Day going with a modernized corned beef and cabbage

The Irish-American dish (a.k.a. New England Boiled Dinner) becomes something truly special with a few tweaks.

Miss Conduct

Advice: Why do young people exclude elders from conversations?

Plus, finding a delicate way to ask a friend about an obituary.

Style Watch

Decorating kids’ bedrooms on a budget

A Needham couple gets help making their son and daughter’s rooms pop, without spending a lot.

Examiner | Magazine

Dig these fun facts about gardening

March 20 is the first day of spring, and the unofficial beginning of the Northeastern gardening season.

Your Week Ahead

Five things to do, March 20-26

Jenny the Juggler, “Our American Hamlet,” a bilingual storyslam, and more.

Paul Ryan, President Donald Trump, Mike Pence, center, and Peter King.

Trump’s questionable Irish proverb, Paul Ryan’s ‘despicable’ pint and other St. Patrick’s Day mishaps

The day began with a mildly offensive Irish cliche in front of a room-full of Irish people, and it all went downhill from there.