Gunmen kill two polio workers in Pakistan

Gunmen shot and killed a mother and her daughter who were working for an anti-polio campaign underway in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta on Thursday, police said.

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Love Letters

‘I’m going broke trying to keep us afloat’

The apartment is expensive and has put a financial strain on both of us. I have a better job than my partner so I pay more than half of the rent.

The VIP Lounge with Martha Stewart

We caught up with lifestyle queen Martha Stewart to talk about all things travel.

Love Letters

He needs to have a backbone with his family

The issue is his family HATES me and the fact that we are together. They are extremely racist and will never accept me, my biracial children, or the age difference.

An outdoor fire performance amid ice and lights at Ice Castles.

How do the Ice Castles get made, anyway?

A crew of 40 grew 5,000 to 12,000 icicles per day to create the attraction in Lincoln, N.H.

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum is filled with hands-on exhibits, murals, and beloved characters.

Springfield springs forward

This often overlooked, family-friendly destination, a mere 90 miles or so from Boston, has a lot happening.

Actor Channing Tatum is a partner in the club Saints and Sinners in New Orleans.


More actors, singers, and athletes are opening their own hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores

It is a happy time for actors, singers, football players, and race-car drivers to open their own hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores.

Canine guests at the Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vt., are allowed time on the tennis courts to play fetch.

Lap of luxury: The travel industry’s pet project involves dog massages and Barbour accessories

When hotels accommodate pets, people on vacation stay longer and are more relaxed. The sharpest increase has been among luxury hotels, 80 percent of which have gone pet-friendly.

The writer and his daughter at Big Sur.

California is my sunshine state

As families plan their winter getaways, Florida comes to mind. But California is the place that calls us.

Stio parka

Here, there, and everywhere

When it’s cold, The Colonnade Hotel gives you a break.

Start planning your 2018 vacation now: Here are the best times to book flights

‘‘This is a great time of the year to start planning a trip,’’ said Patrick Surry, chief data scientist at Hopper, the online booking site and soothsayer.

The blood test in the study found about 70 percent of eight common types of cancer in the 1,005 patients.

Blood test to detect 8 cancers early gives promising results

In many cases, the test narrowed the possible origin of the cancer to one or two places, such as colon or lung.

Hospital groups creating company to make cheap generic drugs

Several major not-for-profit hospital groups are trying their own solution to drug shortages and high prices.

Arkansas health officials say 150 people exposed to measles

Officials say those exposed to measles include passengers on United Airlines Flight 5314 on Jan. 10, as well as people in the University of Arkansas at Medical Science’s emergency room on Jan. 11.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal (left) and Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman at the Rome Film Festival last year.


Boston nonprofit again upset about able-bodied actor playing individual with disability

The Ruderman Family Foundation, which objected to Jake Gyllenhaal playing Jeff Bauman in “Stronger,” has criticized the casting of Joaquin Phoenix in a new Gus Van Sant film.

Hopsters at the Seaport


Sips: Hopsters hits the Seaport (and plans for more locations are on tap)

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign of more than 700 investors, founder Lee Cooper raised $1.3 million for the new Hopsters, which occupies 6,000 square feet of space on Sleeper Street.

Blossom Bar in Brookline.

Quick Bite

At Blossom Bar, craft cocktails meet Chinese food

First Ran Duan made his parents’ Woburn restaurant into an unlikely drinking destination. Now he does it again in Brookline.

Software developer/artist Chaya Mallavaram sells her Chartzie Art Scarves at local boutiques.


Get your Monet on with Chartzie Art Scarves

Software developer Chaya Mallavaram turns her abstract, impressionistic acrylic paintings into silk neckwear.

Perspective | Magazine

Why it’s time to mandate retirement, especially in leadership

Congress outlawed forcing people to leave their positions, but we’re living much longer, and it’s preventing new leaders from emerging.

Travel Troubleshooter

My hotel in San Juan closed after the hurricane — why can’t I get a refund?

Nona Novak’s vacation to Puerto Rico was disrupted when Hurricane Maria shut down her hotel. Why won’t American Airlines Vacations refund her trip?

9 face hazing charges in death of Florida State pledge

The death of a fraternity pledge from alcohol poisoning has led to hazing charges against nine Florida State University students.

FILE - In this Dec. 29, 2011 file photo, a car approaches a sobriety checkpoint set up along a busy street in Albuquerque, N.M. A prestigious scientific panel is recommending that states significantly lower their drunken driving thresholds as part of a blueprint to eliminate the “entirely preventable” 10,000 alcohol-impaired driving deaths in the United States each year. (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan)

Science panel backs lower drunken driving threshold

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine are recommending that states significantly lower their drunken driving thresholds as part of a blueprint to eliminate the “entirely preventable” 10,000 alcohol-impaired driving deaths in the United States each year.

Love Letters

We have a toddler and live with my partner’s parents. I’ve had enough

I pay the bills, he saves his money for a house. But we’re not getting anywhere.

Fundraiser saves Maine pony who lost his penis to cancer and frostbite

The animal, named Richard, will be spared from being euthanized thanks to a fundraising campaign that surpassed its goal of raising $4,000.

Family Meal: Potato chip tortilla is the answer to parents’ protein prayers

How to move our children off the carb of choice: pasta with cheese and butter?

Ask Amy

Emotional affair partner wants ‘normalization meetings’

Advice from Amy Dickinson

Ramen with egg

Food & Travel

Food & Travel: At Japan’s Ramen Alley, mastering the art of the slurp

If you still think of ramen as cheap college-student food, think again.

John Duberstein and Lucy Kalanithi, whose late spouses wrote acclaimed memoirs about their final years.

How a new love grew from the ashes of tragedy

Lucy Kalanithi, whose late husband wrote an acclaimed 2016 memoir of his final years, is now in a relationship with John Duberstein , whose late wife wrote an acclaimed 2017 memoir of her final years.

Darlin’s IPA from Winter Hill Brewing Co.


Bottles: 5 beers to drink right now

Look hard enough and you can still find winter ales on shelves, as well as other brews perfectly suited for the cold weather.

Ask Amy

Husband shoulders family’s financial worries

Advice from Amy Dickinson.

Lamb shank paired with a 2012 Domaine Courbis “Les Royes.”

From the Bar

From the Bar: Cozy up with braised lamb and a Rhone red

2012 Domaine Courbis “Les Royes” is a go-to wine for Nicholas Calias of Brasserie Jo.

The pastry case at Allium Market.

In Brookline, Allium Market offers artisanal foods

If you yearn to try something unique, grab a bottle of briny beet sauerkraut or cider vinegar with seaweed.

L.A. Burdick hot chocolate: So much goes into so much goodness

The dark hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick chocolate shop and cafe is so thick it coats the spoon.

Fortunato’s is a family affair

The business is a family dream come true, although it exists without the family patriarch Matteo Conte, who died 10 years ago.

Rosemary sea-salt focaccia

Recipe: Focaccia is especially good right from your own oven, topped with sea salt and rosemary

Homemade focaccia is tender with a beautiful golden color. Set finished squares beside roast chicken or cut smaller pieces and fill with smoked turkey or egg salad for Game Day sandwiches.

Rule-benders’ pork ramen

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Homemade rule-benders’ ramen builds bowls with an intense broth, pork, and noodles

The key to great ramen is the broth and it doesn’t require a lot of work, just forethought and simmering time. Make it the day before, prep the toppings, and you’re there.

Steamed bass with ginger, scallions, and cilantro

The confident cook

A quick, healthy way to cook fish: Steam it, sprinkle with aromatics, and drizzle with hot oil

If you’ve resolved to eat better in the new year, steam your fish and add plenty of zip and spice to keep everyone interested.

Bessie King

Getting salty

Getting Salty with Bessie King

Downtowners craving tasty burritos line up at Villa Mexico Cafe, the takeout counter presided over by King and her mom, Julie.

Bird Sightings

Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Love Letters

I’m the single friend — and I’m unhappy

“Over the past few years, I have started getting very sad after friends’ weddings, when they announce pregnancies, when their kids have birthdays, etc.”

Ask Amy

Live-in partner doesn’t want boyfriend’s kids

Advice from Amy Dickinson

Chef Daniel Bruce (center) with Boston Harbor Hotel colleagues Gary Tummings of Canton (left) and Donovan King of Chelsea.


Boston Wine Festival warms up the winter

The 29th annual celebration runs through the end of March.

Fake news jeans: travesty or sign of the times?

Since the Golden Globes on Sunday, the question of what to wear to the various awards shows has become even more fraught than usual. It’s not just about a dress any more, but about solidarity.

love letters by meredith goldstein

No answers. No explanations. Just gone.

What should I do? No answers. No explanation. Just POOF! Gone.

US approves first drug aimed at women with inherited breast cancer

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday cleared the first treatment for patients with advanced breast cancer caused by BRCA mutations, which are genetic defects that raise the risk of malignancies.

Holbrook Phelan and Neil Mechlin.

Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘I was hurt that some guy who didn’t even know me was blowing me off’

Will a seating mix-up at the restaurant derail this date?


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Readers share their thoughts on stories about why people avoid the doctor, sober fitness buddies, and more.