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    Dinner With Cupid

    Making the grade

    Will this educator find everything on her checklist?


    English teacher

    HER HOBBIES > She takes improvisation, swing dancing, and Portuguese classes.


    WHAT SHE’D NEED ON A DESERT ISLAND > Her insulin pump, pictures of family, a bag of books

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    Medical services director

    HIS HOBBIES > Sports, photography, running, traveling

    WHAT HIS EXES WOULD SAY > He’s difficult to please but a hard worker.




    SARAH I watched a little TV and took a shower. I was a little nervous but excited. I like meeting new people.

    CLAUDIO [I was] a bit nervous, since I didn’t know anything about [her].

    SARAH I arrived first and picked the table. The restaurant was relatively empty, so when he walked in alone and was close to my age, I had a feeling it was him. He is very handsome – tall, dark hair, dark eyes – my type. He also had a really nice smile.

    CLAUDIO [She was] very cute, well dressed, and well put together.



    SARAH We talked about the fact that the Bruins were raising their banner – it was a madhouse trying to get into the North End and to find parking. We then realized we were both from Quincy.

    CLAUDIO [We talked about] the basics – where we were from, background, where we grew up, work.

    SARAH We started with calamari. We discovered that we definitely are not on the same page food-wise. He’ll eat pretty much anything, and my tastes are more selective.

    CLAUDIO The food was OK and the service was good.

    SARAH We definitely had a laugh about this one – we are both Portuguese. We are both originally from Rhode Island. We both currently live in Quincy. I was wondering if there was some sort of checklist when [we were] matched up!

    CLAUDIO [I found out] she used to do improv – comedy.

    SARAH We talked about things ranging from friends to religion to travel to work. I enjoyed talking to him. The conversation never really lulled.

    CLAUDIO [I felt] very comfortable. She was easy to talk to. She was super funny.

    SARAH I did think: “I’d like to see him again.” While one date is definitely enough for me to dismiss a match, it isn’t enough for me to be swept away.

    CLAUDIO I thought “this could work” – just in the middle where we got comfortable enough to let our true personalities out.


    SARAH Eventually the restaurant emptied and it felt like we should leave, but I was enjoying the conversation.

    CLAUDIO We stayed at the restaurant for a while. [I] think they wanted us to leave.

    SARAH We did walk back toward our cars together, but that was all [we did afterward]. I thought the rules said we couldn’t. I’m a rule follower.

    CLAUDIO I walked her to the parking garage where her car was.

    SARAH He asked me for my phone number and I gave it to him. [We gave each other] a good night hug.



    SARAH B+ (I’m a teacher. I need another date to see if it can be an A.)


    CLAUDIO Yes. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again.

    SARAH I would definitely go out with him again. I would like to get to know him better.

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