Kitchen Aide

Pickled peppers

A user’s guide

photograph by Jim Scherer / Styling by Catrine Kelty

There are numerous varieties of jarred peppers on supermarket shelves, besides the familiar roasted red peppers. Here’s a quick starter course, though by no means complete. Most are pickled, with a base flavor of vinegary tang. Clockwise from top left: Pickled jalapenos are piquant and spicy; banana pepper rings are mild and crunchy; pepperoncini are acidic and a little spicy; Peppadews are sweet-tart with a hint of heat; cherry peppers (which come both sweet or hot and green or red) are firm and tangy; piquillo peppers (not pickled) are earthy and a little sweet; and (center) sweet green vinegar peppers are crunchy, meaty, salty, and very tangy.