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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date between risk takers

    Will these adventurous foodies share the same tastes?


    Lawyer leaving job for culinary school

    HIS PERFECT SATURDAY > Run, yoga, brunch, walk, dinner


    WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH? > I’m about to give up my secure job to try out a new life.

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    Entrepreneur in the food business

    HER PERFECT SATURDAY > Run or yoga, coffee, swimming, dinner


    HER PERFECT MATE > I want someone who is confident and a risk taker.

    7:45 P.M. 80 THOREAU, Concord



    NANCY I did yoga in the morning and had a drink before I left for dinner.

    TODD I tried to figure out how long it would take to get to Concord and whether I should trust my GPS.

    NANCY I was a few minutes late, and he was sitting next to the hostess stand when I walked up the stairs.




    NANCY They sat us immediately, so there wasn’t much time for a first impression. I can’t remember who started talking first, but it wasn’t awkward at any point.

    TODD She seemed at ease, joking around. Our friends both put us up to doing this.

    NANCY Dinner was delicious. I had the tuna and Todd is a vegetarian, so he had a sweet-potato something.

    TODD I had no idea that Concord had such high-end food.



    TODD Shortly after we started talking, I could tell Nancy was genuine and nice and we would get along.

    NANCY We talked about where we were from, school, and then got into where we’ve traveled. He has never been married and I’m divorced with a 10-year-old. He didn’t seem fazed by that, which is good.

    TODD She left a job to go back to business school and start a business selling cooking sauces, which I thought took some courage and was pretty interesting. She also has a daughter who is an accomplished swimmer.



    TODD As the night went on, we realized that we shared some interests. We both do yoga, run, and have an interest in food.

    NANCY We both like to entertain. The weirdest commonality was that we both want to ultimately run some sort of inn or B & B on an island. We have both lived outside the US, so we had expat experiences in common. It was fun to relive travel experiences, as we’ve both been to quite a few places, some in common.

    TODD She is a nice, smart, attractive woman. I also admire people who give up their jobs to try new things out or go back to school.


    >AND FOR DESSERT . . . 

    NANCY We had to take a photo and it was weird to do it where they seated us. The restaurant was emptying out, so we went to a place around the corner.

    TODD We were the last people to leave. We had a pleasant goodbye and exchanged numbers.

    NANCY He texted me to make sure I made it home, which was nice.



    TODD A-

    NANCY B+/A-



    TODD I would think we would see each other again.

    NANCY I think we will be friends, and it would be fun to see each other again.

    GO ON A BLIND DATE. We’ll pick up the tab. To apply for Dinner With Cupid, fill out an application at