Editor’s note

With this issue we’re debuting a new look.

With this issue we’re debuting a new look (as you’ve probably noticed by now). The most notable change is on the cover: Our name is in the same typeface you see on the newspaper's front page and on, making us appear more like the other members of our family. We’re also closer to the size of a newsstand magazine -- somewhat shorter, somewhat narrower -- and we've added pages, which means there's more for you to read.

New columns fill some of those extra pages. I hope the one we’re calling Your Week Ahead becomes an indispensable part of your Sunday Globe experience. In it we’ll highlight key happenings in the arts, business, politics, and sports in the coming seven days. Another new column, Out and About, will feature photos of people having fun at events from sports games to book signings to karaoke nights. E-mail your snapshots to, and maybe you’ll see yourself on this page. Each week in the new Soundtrack column, staff writer Scott Helman will write about a sound--sometimes recognizable, sometimes mysterious--that defines our hometown. After you read his description, I encourage you to visit to give a listen.

Your favorite columns--such as Miss Conduct, Dinner With Cupid, the crossword, and Tales From the City--remain. Cooking is now accompanied by a small feature called Second Helping that directs you to a restaurant serving up a dish or drink like the ones in our recipes. We're also expanding our Coupling column; in addition to romantic relationships, it will cover the interactions between friends, siblings, parents, and children. Its new name: Connections.


I'm excited about these changes and welcome your thoughts. E-mail me at And thank you for reading.