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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date between foodies

    Will these two food buffs fulfill each other’s cravings?

    Breanne Diorio.


    Nick Fiorenza.

    Student, intern in medical research

    HOBBIES Cooking, trying new restaurants and different types of cuisine


    THE FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HIS HOME The delicious smells coming from the kitchen

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    Executive assistant

    HER IDEAL GUY A chef who specializes in chocolate cakes, lobster mac and cheese, and French onion soup


    THE FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HER HOME It always smells like something is baking (courtesy of Yankee Candle).




    NICK I left work a bit early and went to the gym. . . . Got to have my biceps look good for the ladies.

    BREANNE I rushed home from work and tried on probably six outfits.

    NICK Getting ready, I was going through a checklist in my mind, citing things that I remembered reading from The American Gentleman on Tumblr.



    BREANNE He looked very put together. I noticed he was shorter than I am.

    NICK Breanne was attractive; soft features and

    nice long dark hair.

    BREANNE I could tell he was nervous, and he admitted later to being wary about being on a blind date.

    NICK Before ordering, we talked about the restaurant, as I’ve been there before and suggested some entrees. I then gave her a good suggestion for a wine pairing.


    BREANNE We discussed our education, our jobs, and our plans for the future. Nick talked a lot about his family, which I liked.

    NICK I discovered that my date was a bit older than me. That threw me off a bit — I thought she wouldn’t be interested in me.

    BREANNE We both like to cook and read for pleasure. We are both looking forward to doing more traveling in the future.

    NICK We both enjoy the outdoors.

    BREANNE There wasn’t really one deal breaker; there were a few things that turned me off. For instance, he ordered my meal for me. While I’m sure he thought this was gentlemanly, I found it a bit patronizing. At one point, I realized that I hadn’t laughed — at all. Nick is a good “dater.” He was very polite: he held doors for me, got my coat from the coat check, and insisted on paying the bill. The date itself was fine; I just don’t think we are looking for the same things.

    > DOLCE?

    NICK I’m not much of the romantic type, thus there was no magical walk home that you would see in a teen Disney movie.

    BREANNE It was late and I was ready to go home. I gave him my number, but I don’t see us getting together again.


    NICK B



    NICK I think we’ll try and hang out again, probably at her place, and see what happens from there.

    BREANNE I don’t think we’ll go out again.

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