Letters to the Editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to recent stories on the attacks on Bain Capital, memories of Julia Child, and more.


Scott Helman’s article on Bain Capital was very well written (“Targeted,” August 12). I enjoyed reading it; it was clear, thoughtful, and balanced.

Maureen T. O’Brien / Dedham

Your cover depicting Bain’s nameplate covered in tar was an absolute disgrace. I know the Globe is in Barack Obama’s corner this election, but have you no objectivity at all? The article by Helman was much more fair, but people will only remember your visual.


Mary O’Neill / Middleborough

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Your lengthy piece did not distinguish between the venture capital business Romney started and the private equity firm it is today. The former is an economic engine of growth for small business while the latter is a corporate restructure operation. Big difference.

David R. Hornfischer / Framingham



Shira Springer’s article on Patriots quarterbacks didn’t go back very far (“QB IQ,” August 12). One of my favorites was Babe Parilli, who seems to have been nearly forgotten in all the Brady mania. In fact, Parilli held the franchise record for touchdowns in a season from the mid-’60s until 2007. I wonder if any of Brady’s records will be around in 40 years? 


Bruce McPhee / West Yarmouth 



Howard Scott’s column on the salutary effects on a marriage of doing dishes strains credibility (Connections, August 12). And I have to wonder if this is the first in a series of similar columns, including  “Forget Therapy, Do the Taxes.” From the vantage point of my 29-year marriage, I would observe that we are not praying mantises, and strong human relationships emerge from equal partnerships with fair division of labor.

Michael J. Chapman / Worcester

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