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    Dinner With Cupid

    Dinner With Cupid: Storied romance

    Will these two bookworms read a deeper meaning?


    Administrative assistant

    INTERESTS I love to read. I have too many favorites to list, but David Sedaris is one of the authors at the top.


    HER PERFECT SATURDAY MORNING Sleep until about 9, lounge around and have

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    coffee, go out for breakfast


    Finance and development manager

    PERFECT DATE Great conversation with no awkward pauses, we leave because the restaurant is closing, and we can’t wait to see each other again         


    WHAT HE’S READINGThe Gate House, by Nelson DeMille



    ANGIE I wasn’t nervous at all until I got to the restaurant. Then the nerves kicked in a bit [because I had] never been on a blind date before. We were both about 10 minutes early.

    ADAM I was a little nervous but thought to myself that she must be nervous, too. I was pretty sure that I knew who my date was because she was right in front of me at the hostess stand. I thought she was cute, dressed very nicely, and was well put together. 

    ANGIE He was tall and nicely dressed, good-looking, and had a friendly face. He seemed less nervous than I felt. Nice eyes and smile.


    ANGIE We talked about how we ended up doing Dinner With Cupid. I told him I signed up of my own accord, and he told me that one of his friends actually filled out the questionnaire for him.


    ADAM A friend surprised me with it and filled out the questionnaire without my knowledge. During the date we talked about the usual things: work, family, travel.

    ANGIE As it turns out, we both work for our family businesses (his is finance, mine is electrical contracting). We both went to the same college; we were there at the same time but never knew each other. He was able to guess right off the bat where I lived on campus. We are both readers and like to travel. I was surprised to learn that he isn’t a seafood eater. How do you grow up around Boston and not like seafood?


    ADAM I often say silly/stupid things, so I hope I did not turn her off with my dry sense of humor.

    ANGIE He seemed a little too serious for me, and I didn’t quite get his extra-dry sense of humor. I’m very easygoing and sarcastic, and I didn’t start to feel that easygoing-ness from him until later into the evening. It did get a little more comfortable as we were both able to loosen up a bit. We stayed for 2½ hours.

    ADAM Since it was a weekday and it was getting late, there wasn’t much time to do anything after the restaurant. At the end of the date, we exchanged numbers and gave each other a hug good night.


    ANGIE B+

    ADAM A-/B+


    ADAM I would be up for [it]. 

    ANGIE I’d give it another shot.  

    — Compiled by Jessica Teich. GO ON A BLIND DATE. WE’LL PICK UP THE TAB. Fill out an application at