Plane-spotting at Norwood Memorial Airport

The airfield south of Boston offers intimate viewing--and listening.

A small white plane descends from the eastern sky, its propeller engine faintly audible in the distance. The plane drops lower and lower until it reaches the runway and then begins climbing again, rising with a growl back into the blue. The pilot, evidently practicing takeoffs and landings, performs the drill over and over, to the delight of 2-year-old Carson Koukkos, squealing alongside his grandparents outside the fence at Norwood Memorial Airport. Such training missions aren’t the kind of thing you’d typically see or hear up close at Boston’s Logan International Airport, but you can at this intimate airfield on the other side of Great Blue Hill. Carson’s grandparents, C.S. and Lynn Chong of Canton, have been bringing him here since he was a baby. On this warm, cloudless morning, it was one of the first items on their agenda. “Today I said, ‘It’s beautiful!’ ” Lynn says. On any given day, Carson and fellow aviation enthusiasts can witness many different prop planes, jets, and helicopters coming and going with corporate executives, TV news crews, pro sports figures, and politicians. The Norwood airport was built to train pilots during World War II. Now it’s just fun to listen in peace.

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