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    Dinner With Cupid

    Dinner With Cupid: Going for broke

    Two ambitious graduates are focused on their futures. Is there room for romance?


    Corporate communications manager

    WHO PLAYS HER IN A MOVIE Alyson Hannigan


    THE LAST THING SHE READ “A Song of Ice and Fire” series (Game of Thrones) and Mad Women

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    ROB GORDEN > 23

    Logistics specialist

    WHO PLAYS HIM IN A MOVIE A comedian who is a bit goofy and crazy

    THE LAST THING HE READ and Game of Thrones, the first book




    ROB Because I’d never been on a blind date, really, I didn’t expect anything.

    KATE I was extremely calm. I don’t scare easy.

    ROB I told myself, worst case, I’d never have to see this girl again.

    KATE I was about two minutes late, which bothered me because I pride myself on punctuality.

    ROB I was wondering if I was going to eat by myself or go home, or if she was going to show up.


    KATE He was handsome, had a nice smile, great hair, and dark brown eyes.

    ROB She was outgoing, talkative.


    KATE We didn’t have tons in common, but both of us did get business degrees in college and are working our way up the corporate ladder. He is career-driven, and I liked that.

    ROB Me, personally, I’m shy when I first meet people. As I spend more time with them, I just open up a little .

    KATE There wasn’t a lull in the conversation at any time, but that was probably because I was overly chatty and asked a million questions.

    ROB I guess I had doubts at the beginning, but they became less and less as the dinner went on. I’m kind of a pessimistic person normally.

    KATE He was quiet and reserved, and I am extremely outgoing. We just didn’t mesh well. I didn’t get an idea of his sense of humor, which is extremely important to me, but that could have been because he wasn’t relaxed.

    ROB There was not a lot of talking [at first], and I didn’t know if it was going to be a long night or not. 

    KATE I think we both kind of knew there was no spark. I wouldn’t say there were any deal breakers, but there weren’t any deal makers.


    KATE We both agreed that we didn’t have any expectations going in, so it wasn’t a complete failure or disaster.

    ROB We gave each other a hug and walked away.

    KATE We hugged, and he said, “Well, you were entertaining.” Mission accomplished?

    ROB I enjoyed myself. There seemed to be a little connection.


    KATE B/B-

    ROB B+


    ROB Why not go get a couple of drinks or something sometime?

    KATE Nope. I think both of us got what we wanted out of the date: an experience. — Compiled by Andrew Doerfler

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