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    Letters to the editor

    Globe Magazine readers respond to stories on Terry Francona, guns at home, and more.


    Terrific, fun piece by Dan Shaughnessy on writing a book with Terry Francona (“My Friend Tito,” January 20). Some great laughs, especially the “two guys meeting at a rest stop” and the “200-pound hog.” Good stuff, Dan. As always.

    Bob Baker / Marblehead

    Once again, Shaughnessy has filled my heart with reporting joy. Thank you for Francona: The Red Sox Years. I know it will be a huge success. I wish him and Tito a beautiful friendship!


    Maureen F. Woodsum / West Roxbury 

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    A limerick composed in a moment of incredulity after reading of Shaughnessy and Francona teaming up: Three cheers for sports’ Shaughnessy Dan. / No longer a foe but a fan / Of Tito and Terry / (Their hatchet’s been buried.) / Let’s hope their book won’t be banned!

    Maureen Connelly / Harwich Port



    What a disappointment to have Sylvia Plath once again portrayed as the crazy, jealous poet who stuck her head in the oven (“The Last Days of Sylvia Plath,” January 20).  It would have been a nice change if you had picked an excerpt that quoted more of her work and showed why so many regard her as one of the country’s finest poets.


     David Rozenson / Newton



    Objecting to the open display of a gun at a social event in the presence of a child is not a “quirk” (Miss Conduct, January 20). It is not one of those moments when you temporarily suppress your opinions for the sake of being social, such as eating iceberg lettuce from Star when you normally eat only arugula from the farmers’ market or refraining from political discussion with your elderly grandparents for the sake of a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner. (Although it would be a good idea to always avoid political arguments when someone else at the table has a gun.) To suggest that the letter writer take a firearms course — or learn to shoot from the gun carrier himself — is an insult.

    Susan Clark / Brighton

    While I do not agree with Miss Conduct’s overall assessment of America’s “gun culture,” I applaud that it was not a knee-jerk reaction to the tragedy of Newtown. We do not agree on the solutions, but I appreciate her thoughtfulness.


    Bob Boudrow / Chelsea

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