March 17, 2013 The Boston Globe Magazine

Executive privilege: Marissa Mayer’s HR decisions at Yahoo

When the Yahoo CEO banned working from home in February, outrage followed. Yet when a middle-aged male CEO made a similar decision in March, there was barely a whimper. By Kara Baskin

Will Noonan30 > Milton

The funny business

Boston’s comedy scene has for years been missing one crucial ingredient—but that may be remedied this summer. By Leon Neyfakh

Spring Travel: Natural Wonders

TWIN DELIGHTS The side-by-side lakes, one green, one blue, called Sete Cidades are a must-see on the Azorean island of Sao Miguel. Azores, a perfect destination for Boston travelers

A four-hour direct flight from Boston brings you to this string of volcanic islands, and transports you to an altogether other world. By Neil Swidey

Style Watch

From left, Tanja Tatelman, Andreza Andrade, and Amy Qadri. How to style a dress

Adding creative layers and accessories, local fashionistas transform a favorite frock into a whole new outfit. By Tina Sutton

A Restaurant’s Take

Stuffed shells from Francesca's Kitchen in Arlington. Stuffed shells

At Francesca’s Kitchen in Arlington, a dish like Nonna used to make.

Miss Conduct

Are baby showers sexist?

Debating the politics of women-only celebrations. Plus, the classy way to quit a job. By Robin Abrahams

Your Week Ahead

During the annual St. Patrick's Day parade, Reagan Fitzgerald from Derr, N.H., blows a horn. 5 things to do in and around Boston

Events this week include the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Dinosaur Day, a really big Easter egg hunt, and more.

Out and About

ACADEMY FANS: Caitlen Frank and Andrew McLaughlin, both of Somerville, at the annual Oscars party at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge on February 24 As seen at events in and around Boston

Guests stayed cozy at winter parties.

On the Block

60 Hatherly Road, Scituate. Scituate selections

The housing stock is attractive in this South Shore town.

Dinner With Cupid

High seas

Will these outdoorsy ocean lovers bond over the beach on their blind date? By Katy Rushlau


Comedian Shari VanderWerf on Ikea meltdowns

The Boston-based funnywoman and writer makes a joke on Twitter.


Ben Affleck speaks the truth about marriage

Don’t call him unromantic; to me, he’s heroically honest. By Steve Almond

Tales From the City

Grocery store misunderstanding

What not to do when sending your husband out food shopping.

Letters to the editor

Readers respond to stories on parenting.