Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to the Azores as a travel destination and other stories.


Thank you for that great article on the Azores (March 24). I had heard of the islands but had never given them a thought and had no idea what or where they were. My God, they sound like they should be a top-rung tourist attraction but instead are a hidden treasure. If I weren’t so old, I would have a visit there on my bucket list.

Jane Cauchon / Durham, New Hampshire

Neil Swidey captured many of the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes that the Azores have to offer. However, there is still so much more to these islands. I encourage him to revisit during the feasts and summer season. I have just participated in my third Romaria on Sao Miguel. This Lenten tradition is more than 500 years old and consists of men walking around the island praying for their own intentions and for all mankind.


Luis Ferreira / Saugus

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Sao Miguel is my stopping point when traveling to the Portuguese island of Madeira to visit family and stay in my apartment there. Swidey’s article reminded me of the enjoyable times I have spent there. I hope that someday he will venture another two hours and visit Madeira. That is definitely a worthwhile trip.

Cecilia Smith / Assonet

Swidey got it only half right when he exuberantly described the Azores. By suggesting that Las Vegas is 100 percent fake, he is 100 percent wrong. I drove our rental car out into the desert surrounding Las Vegas for some of the loveliest sites I have ever seen. The wild burros come right up to your car. Please don’t disparage all of Las Vegas because of the obvious.

Pauline Gonsalves / Dartmouth



What a moving piece (“The Twin We Lost,” March 24): love, loss, learning, compassion for others. I so look forward to reading Connections each week. We need more of these pieces and less violence, strife, and acrimony.

Paula Cortes / Cambridge


Regarding Kara Baskin’s piece about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (Perspective, March 17), the author should have listened to the program on NPR regarding the policies of Google and other very creative companies. They promote fun working environments that encourage freedom and, most important, interaction. Mayer’s choice to end telecommuting is not a feminist decision but sound business judgment. I am not expecting Yahoo’s CEO to carry my “feminist’’ weight. Just doing her job well makes it easier for women.

Julie D. Fristensky / Brewster

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