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    Dinner With Cupid

    Moving fast

    Will these sporty daters find a reason for a rematch?

    Shawn Hennessy (left) and Brian Dell’Erario.
    Shawn Hennessy (left) and Brian Dell’Erario.


    23 / Nursing Graduate Student

    WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I am laughing with friends

    HER HOBBIES I am training for a half marathon and love going to the beach.



    23 / Property Operations Assistant

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    WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST When I’m being active

    HIS PERFECT DATE A day at the beach, then dinner on the water



    SHAWN I had the entire day off, so I kept it low-key before the date.


    BRIAN I had never been on a blind date, so I was excited for the new experience.

    SHAWN I was not nervous. I love meeting new people.

    BRIAN I was about five minutes early. I told the maitre d’ that I was there for a date with Shawn, and she brought me over.


    SHAWN He was tall, attractive, and well dressed.

    BRIAN She didn’t stand up when I came to the table, so I wasn’t sure how tall she was.


    SHAWN He had a young, friendly face.

    BRIAN She was well dressed.

    SHAWN He only appeared nervous during the first minute or two.

    BRIAN She seemed a little nervous at the get-go.

    SHAWN I mentioned that I attend a graduate school that turned out to be in his hometown.

    BRIAN We got to know each other a bit, like where we went to college and professions.

    SHAWN He works in commercial real estate.

    BRIAN She goes to nursing school where I grew up.

    SHAWN One of his two brothers is the same age as mine.

    BRIAN We didn’t really share any interests or hobbies.

    SHAWN The atmosphere was perfect for a date.

    BRIAN We are both young, career-oriented individuals.

    SHAWN We both studied management and economics in college.

    BRIAN She is an approachable person who is easy to get along with. [But] from the start, I could tell she wasn’t my type.


    SHAWN I liked him as a person and had fun.

    BRIAN She was good company, but I just don’t think there was a connection.

    SHAWN I knew pretty quickly that it would not go beyond friendly.

    BRIAN It was not a match beyond the friend level.

    SHAWN We had plenty of good conversation and laughter but no romantic sparks.

    BRIAN I enjoyed a good meal and drinks.

    SHAWN I was having a fun time.

    BRIAN The date ended after the meal.

    SHAWN We went our separate ways, which seemed natural and appropriate.

    BRIAN I didn’t want to send any mixed signals by asking her to continue.

    SHAWN We hugged and I walked to my car.

    BRIAN We exchanged digits. I thanked her for a pleasant evening.


    SHAWN I don’t think so, because there was no romantic connection.

    BRIAN She was not my type, both looks- and personality-wise.




    — Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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