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Readers respond to the baby boomers issue.


I wanted to commend Elizabeth Gehrman for her brutally honest account of what it is like to accompany a beloved parent along the long, cruel slog through dementia to inevitable death (“My Mother, Our New Life”). My 87-year-old mom has Alzheimer’s, and watching her personality, memory, vocabulary, and ability to function die a little bit each week is heartbreaking. Reading Gehrman’s essay makes me feel less alone on this confusing journey. Tomorrow when my mom asks me “What am I supposed to do now,” I’ll be more convincing when I tell her “I’m not sure, but we’ll figure it out together.” Thank you. I enjoy reading my Globe online daily precisely for articles like this one.

Maryellen Kennedy Duckett

Powell, Tennessee

I work for a local senior-care agency and I applaud the Globe Magazine for its June 30 issue devoted to baby boomers. Adult children should take particular note of the sidebar to Gehrman’s essay titled “Does Your Parent Need Help?” Working out a plan with your parents well before they need help is really the key to making the process less stressful for everyone. Senior care agencies, veterans organizations, the local Council on Aging, physician’s offices, and some clergy can connect you to the information you need.

Jane Martin


Always Best Care

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Senior Services / Belmont

I thank Gehrman for her honesty in this piece. I am sure many readers recognized themselves. I am also sure that many thought they would never be in that situation. I hope they are correct.


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In his June 30 Perspective, Phil Primack lamented how technology cannot replace human connection when caring for an elderly relative from a distance. A professional geriatric care manager (GCM) can help older adults enhance their quality of life in many ways, such as acting as a liaison to distant relatives, conducting comprehensive evaluations, helping arrange and monitor in-home care and other services, offering guidance to family caregivers, advocating on the client’s behalf, and more. To find a GCM in New England, Primack’s readers can visit or call 617-277-4669.

Deborah Liss Fins


2013 President, New England Chapter, National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

I have a son, but in no way do I want him to spend a significant part of his mental, physical, and financial resources caring for me as a doddering old woman. I don’t want to be a doddering old woman. I would love to just be able to take a “peace” pill and die in dignity when I am ready, instead of being forced to suffer through the misery of old age.


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I apologize if this sounds critical, but how long ago did you write “Downsizing Doomsday?” (June 30)? As a native of Boston and a former homeowner in Newton, I only have to drive around the city to see what is happening. And the only doomsday is for the average-income citizen. Real estate folks are making a killing buying “tired” homes, doubling their size, and selling at a nice profit. The housing stock in the Boston area is frightening for middle-income folks, and it is quickly turning into a place where only wealthy people can live.

Patricia Hunt

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire


This issue was raised in articles nearly a decade ago, minus the additional factor of student debt. Like many grand Victorians, the mega houses will simply be divided into multiple units.


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A glut of McMansions could be a solution, rather than a problem, for the millennials. Those oversized houses with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms would be perfect for the type of cooperative living arrangements many of them enjoyed in college and early in their careers. Local zoning ordinances would just need to get past restrictions on the number of “unrelated” people living under one roof.


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