July 28, 2013 The Boston Globe Magazine

12 fresh summer drinks and dishes

These offerings from local restaurants are almost as transporting as a vacation. By Kara Baskin

Alicia Markova, shown in 1942, was the first openly Jewish and first British classical prima ballerina.

Saved by the ballerina

Jacob’s Pillow in the Berkshires may have ended up as a condo development had it not been for the now-little-known efforts of Alicia Markova, one of the ballet world’s most colorful figures. By Tina Sutton

First Person

Jon Lester and David Ortiz. Sox pitcher Jon Lester plays a different kind of game

The ballplayer and cancer survivor hosts a “Hollywood Squares”-type event to raise money for pediatric cancer research.


The couple next door

Even from a distance, watching my neighbor tend to his ailing wife taught me an important lesson about marriage. By Shuo Zhuang


Guide to Patriots training camp

Everything you need to know to plan a visit to the New England Patriots’ training camp. By Eileen Woods and Gary Dzen

A Restaurant’s Take

Pan roasted halibut. At Boston Chops, pan-roasted halibut

This new bistro known for its steaks also serves an exceptional fish dish atop charred onions.

Your Week Ahead

film still from the documentary 5 things to do in and around Boston

A 100th birthday party for kids, Boston Comic Con, Enviro-Film Fest, and more.

Dinner With Cupid

Joe Anderson and Christine Corley. Romantic comedy

Will their silver screen-ready story have a happy ending?

On the Block

What you get for $400,000

These houses pack a lot of punch for the price.


Letters to the editor

Readers respond to articles on recycling, dogs, and more.

Tales From the City

A scary JP apartment

Consider avoiding the third floor.