December 8, 2013 | The Boston Globe Magazine

An epidemic of chronic pain

The crackdown on prescription drug abuse is treating the wrong problem. By Judy Foreman

5. Enclosed Field with Ploughman Vincent van Gogh (Dutch (worked in France), 1853–1890) October 1889 Oil on canvas * Bequest of William A. Coolidge * Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The van Gogh in the attic

Boston-area museums own more world-class artwork than they have room to display. Here’s a rare look at what you’re missing. By Colin Fleming


Charitable giving: Where does the money go?

Philanthropy at the most generous time of the year.


Three friends

A friendship that dates to the beginning of childhood is an unspoken treasure. By Thomas Farragher


Apricot, vanilla, and nut crescents. What goes around

Three traditional crescent cookie recipes. By Adam Ried

Miss Conduct

She buys, he doesn’t

They’ve been dating a year, but this couple have different gift-giving policies. What should they do? By Robin Abrahams

A Restaurant’s Take

Walnut crescent cookies

At Lakota Bakery in Arlington, a sweet tradition. By Anne V. Nelson

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Hope Feldman and Michael Fox. It’s all Greek

On their blind date, will he accept her pledge?

Tales From the City

Mrs. Brady is on TV, too

Tracing the family lineage of Florence Henderson.


Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to a pitch for a real-estate waiting period, a story on surviving infidelity, and more.