January 12, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine

The breaking point for New Year’s resolutions

Whether they’re trying to lose a few pounds or quit a bad habit, nearly two-thirds give up during the first month. By Francis Storrs

Women’s Olympic team members (from left) Megan Bozek, Kendall Coyne, Anne Schleper, and Hilary Knight. All chose to live with local families during their six months of training in the Boston area.

The Olympians next door

Standouts on the ice, the country’s best female hockey players are blending into the local families that volunteered to host them as they train for the Winter Games in Sochi. By Shira Springer


The Sudanese hug

The African nation has a solution for greeting someone who is more than a colleague but not quite a best friend. By Jack Cheng

Style Watch

Reviving a Colonial

A redesigned living room in Lexington honors the home’s 19th-century architecture while embracing modern living. By Jaci Conry

Miss Conduct

Christmas party postmortem

Did a family try to do the right thing for the holidays? Plus, how to compliment just one member of a group. By Robin Abrahams

A Restaurant’s Take

Brioche French toast with maple syrup and cinnamon-honey butter. French toast with maple syrup and honey-cinnamon butter

At The Farmer’s Daughter in North Easton, breakfast classics improved.

On the Block

Blackstone Valley gems

These homes hold surprises in a rural setting.

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Mark McMahon and Jill Snyder. Trivia categories

Will these two give the same answer for a possible second date?


Letters to the editor

Readers respond to the Bostonians of the Year issue.

Tales From the City

What to name the new dog

A very literal family discussion.