April 13, 2014 | Your home: Gardens

The fine art of garden design in Milton

A couple transform their third of an acre into a series of themed outdoor spaces, from Asian to Italianate. By Carol Stocker

7 steps to a beautiful lawn

You can grow a drought-resistant, low-maintenance carpet of green while being kind to the environment. By Elizabeth Gehrman

Your Home: Gardens

A tiered birdbath and raised dovecote at the top of the garden overlook a riding arena. Rooted in history, a garden design for the ages in Maine

At a home built by the state’s first governor, today’s owner has designed a haven inspired by the past. By Meadow Rue Merrill

Your Home: Gardens

Monarchs on asters. A backyard sanctuary for butterflies in Gloucester

Creating a welcoming habitat for creatures means knowing what not to mow. By JoeAnn Hart

Style Watch

Recycled-metal pig sculpture, $125 at Frog & Toad, 795 Hope Street, Providence, 401-831-3434 7 items to spruce up your garden

Accessories with well-worn textures and rustic sensibilities feel right at home in rural and urban gardens. By Marnie Elyse Katz

First Person

David McCullough Jr. of ‘You’re not special’ fame speaks up

Longtime Wellesley High teacher, father of four, and son of famous author pens a book on teens and parenting.

Miss Conduct

Table manners emergency! Fork or spoon when eating corn?

Miss Conduct’s advice might just save a marriage. Plus, dealing with a chronically late friend. By Robin Abrahams

On the Block

Contemporary saltboxes in East Wareham, Norfolk

These properties make good starter homes.

A Restaurant’s Take

Torta de la Nonna at Il Casale

In Belmont, a delicious lemon-pine nut dessert.


A Red Sox fan falls for Liverpool soccer

Boyfriend spurs her new passion for British futbol. By Elinor Lipman

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Antonia Tsangaris and Dwan Dube. Blind date: Game plan

One loves sports, the other one blanks on who Tom Brady is. Will she get sidelined?

Tales From the City

Worried, a flurry of phone calls on Marathon Monday 2013

A story of connection and kindness on a day of tragedy.


Readers respond to Globe book excerpt on Marathon bombing manhunt

Plus, letters to the editor on wedding showers, mothers-in-law, and playdate etiquette