July 27, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine

Moving into the (passive) house of the future

After overbidding to no avail in the Boston real estate market, we made an unconventional choice. Would our newly constructed home in Roxbury deliver both the comfort and huge energy savings its green builders promised? By Maria Cramer

The effects of climate change are “threat multipliers for the many problems faced by the poor around the globe,” Dorothy Boorse writes.

What would Jesus do (about climate change)?

Gordon College science professor Dorothy Boorse wants evangelical Christians to connect practicing their faith with caring for the environment. By Jennifer Weeks

Miss Conduct

A worried boyfriend wants to know, can exes ever just be friends?

Plus, a mom trying to rescue a troubled couple. By Robin Abrahams


In praise of purposeful loafing

You know all that time you spend working out your abs? Try spending some of it working out your mind. By Kara Baskin

First Person

A rare ride, the bamboo bicycle

Erba Cycles’ Randall Levere turns heads with the unexpected material he uses in his South Boston cycling business.


Ranch dressing complements chunky summer-ripe salad fixings. Recipes for ranch, blue cheese, and more buttermilk salad dressings

Creamy, tangy salad dressings start here. By Adam Ried


The joy of watching dogs play

An excerpt from Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert’s new book ‘Off the Leash: A Year at the Dog Park’ By Matthew Gilbert


Mosquitoes in Massachusetts: What diseases could they bring?

And you thought great white sharks were summer’s scariest predators. By Elizabeth Gehrman

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Jason Przybylek and Erin Mandeville. Blind date: A clean slate

These two singles like things neat and tidy. Will their first date be a mess?

Tales from the City

Bathroom humor

Mixing ‘Frozen’ and a trip to the potty.


Letters to the editor

Boston Globe Magazine readers respond to recent stories on health care executives, Cape Ann, and a certain kind of airport behavior.