August 24, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine

Brimfield antiques market on the decline

Will the rise of Etsy, Pinterest, and crafty cute be the ruin of America’s premier antiques market? By Zac Bissonnette

My brother’s life ended with an overdose

Our family was powerless to stop his lifelong, and life-ending, drug and alcohol addiction. By George Bell


Learning to be a college mom

A parent shares her aha moment on staying close, from a distance. By Mary C. Finlay


A plan to broker peace between drivers and cyclists

(Hint: It includes John Kerry and a pink bike.) By Jim Braude

Style Watch

0824 Stylewatch Western Wear A Western wear round up

Add some swagger to your wardrobe with these pieces. By Rachel Raczka

Miss Conduct

Advice on setting ground rules for houseguests

Plus, how can two former friends act nice for a night? By Robin Abrahams

Dinner with Cupid

Lindsay Broyhill (left) and Jason Weber. Blind date: A night out in three acts

Will their first encounter be a hit or a flop?

On the Block

For sale: Condos with a past, in Chelsea and Marlborough

Before their conversions, one was part of a factory, the other a rectory. By Stacey Myers

A Restaurant’s Take

Get your corn chowdah heah

Picco, in the South End, has a terrific corn chowder. By Julie Riven


Letters to the editor of the Boston Globe Magazine

Readers respond to an op-ed on football injuries, a photo essay of Revere Beach, and more.

Tales from the City

Where did you say you were from?

Confusion over the lack of an accent.