February 22, 2015 | The Boston Globe Magazine

Will the MBTA commuter rail ever run on time?

Keolis took over in July, vowing to improve things. We’re still waiting. Here are six fixes. By Michael Fitzgerald

Commuters wait at the rail station in Belmont. // photograph by Wendy Maeda/Globe staff

Screens in the MBTA control room help monitor the trains. // photograph by David L. Ryan/Globe staff ??????????? this photo being subbed out, not sure about cutline yet.

They’ve been working on the railroad

The map shows where a three-year, $277 million upgrade along the Fitchburg Line is adding track and replacing bridges. The project should be completed by the end of the year. 

A power washer cleans the leaf slick rails. // photograph by Wendy Maeda/Globe staff/file

A two-phase project is slated to repair the commuter-rail drawbridge in Beverly. //photograph by Lisa Poole/AP/file 

A new hybrid MotivePower locomotive.   /// Jonathan Wiggs/Globe staff/file

One of the Hyundai Rotem passenger cars.  // John Tlumacki/Globe staff/file

illustration by Andy Martin

What snow days taught me about my career

Lessons from a Massachusetts month of travel bans, broken trains, and more than $1 billion in lost productivity. By Kara Baskin

Amanda Sobhy, 21, and her 18-year-old-sister, Sabrina, might have what it takes to popularize squash in the United States. // photo by Elizabeth Lippman

“If Sabrina took pro seriously, I think in 10 years we could be one and two in the world,” says Amanda Sobhy, at left. // photo by Elizabeth Lippman

Amanda faces off against Low Wee Wern at the January Tournament of Champions. //  photo by Steve Line/Squashpics.com

Amanda consults with her private coach, Thierry Lincou. // photo by Steve Line/Squashpics.com

The Sobhy squash dynasty includes Sabrina, father Khaled, Amanda, and brother Omar. //photo by Steve Line/Squashpics.com

Meet the Venus and Serena of squash

Can Harvard’s Amanda and Sabrina Sobhy bring a sport for One Percenters to the rest of us? By Noah Davis


one caucasian teacher woman mother teenager girl discussion in silhouette studio isolated on white background Parents, you’ve been doing pep talks all wrong

But don’t worry, this sports psychologist tells you how to get them right. By Daniel McGinn


7 things every kid should master

A noted Williams College psychologist argues standardized tests are useful, if they measure the abilities students really need. By Susan Engel


Finding a summer camp that fits your child’s needs

Whether your kid has allergies, autism, diabetes, or any other issue, they can still have a fun, safe adventure. By Sara Mason Ader

First Person

BOSTON ,MA 10 / 05 / 2012: In Charlesrtown a portrait of Dennis Lehane ( David L Ryan / Globe Staff Photo ) SECTION: LIFESTYLE TOPIC 08lehane Hey, author Dennis Lehane misses Boston snow

As he looks toward the March 10 release of the final book in his Joe Coughlin series, “World Gone By,” the author reflects on his home.


2015 Oscars: Nominees with Massachusetts ties

A closer look at the 87th Academy Awards, airing Sunday at 7 p.m. By Emeralde Jensen-Roberts

First Person

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon: My life in music

The bassist, singer, and part-time Northampton resident talks about her new memoir.


Teaching dad Facebook, or is he teaching me?

Maybe playing by the site’s conventions isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. By Bridget Martin


Recipes for Scandinavian beef stew

Warming up with Swedish and Finnish comfort food. By Adam Ried

Your Week Ahead

Audra McDonald Photo credit: Autumn de Wilde 2015tanglewood -- 12WTF 5 things to do in Boston Feb. 23 to March 1

Broadway singer Audra McDonald, Operation Dine Out, Dancing Pros Live, and more.

Tales from the City

To his credit

One man laughs in the face of identity theft.


Letters to the editor of Globe Magazine

Readers respond to stories about a canine adoption, teardown battles, friendships crossing color lines, and more.