The path to a 'not guilty' in Plymouth County

  • The sound of tires on gravel causes the homeowner to look out her bedroom window.

  • She sees a car just miss her parked vehicle and head toward the house.

  • The car hits stacked wood beside house.

  • The car turns into the backyard, stops, reverses, and drives forward into the sunroom.

  • The car backs up, drives into the front yard, stops, backs into the house, drives into a tree, and backs into the house again.

  • The car drives across the front yard and gets stuck on raised walkway.

  • Judge's reasoning for a 'not guilty' verdict

    • • No one saw the driver operating his car on a public roadway.
    • • The car could have come from the dirt path that circles the bog.
    • • Driver's statement that he had been drinking at a bar in Carver had been ruled inadmissible.
David Butler, Patrick Garvin / Globe Staff
Sources: Interviews with homeowners; police; tape recording of trial; TeleAtlas, USGS; Google maps