Summary of Scott Brown’s federal tax returns, 2006 to 2011

A summary table of Senator Scott Brown and and his wife Gail Huff’s federal returns is below.

Total Income $357,251$275,921$287,906$294,206$839,520$510,856
Total Taxes Paid $75,092$60,103$62,660$65,318$237,447$123,642
Effective Tax Rate 21.02%21.78%21.76%22.20%28.28%24.20%
Total Charitable Donations $9,609$3,959$4,620$6,905$12,875$16,487
Percentage Donated To Charity 2.69%1.43%1.60%2.35%1.53%3.23%

Source: Scott Brown for US Senate Committee Inc.