Police seek man who fled gas station

New Hampshire police are searching for a Wilmington, Mass., man who fled from police at a gas station Saturday evening, according to Sergeant Joel Dolan of the Salem, N.H., police. An attendant at a Mobil station on North Broadway became suspicious and called police around 9 p.m. when Jonathan Benoit, 24, and a male passenger had been sitting at a pump in a black Ford Mustang for a long time but bought no gas, according to Dolan. As police were questioning the two men outside the car, Benoit ran to the vehicle and revved the engine. Officer Nick Turner punched in the driver’s side window, cutting his hand, but Benoit drove away, according to Dolan. Benoit is wanted on charges, including driving with a suspended license. The vehicle, which was traced to an owner in Maynard, Mass., was recovered in Woburn, according to Dolan.