What Warren has said

The following are key statements from Elizabeth Warren's campaign regarding her assertions of Native American heritage.

- April 27: Asked when she first learned Harvard had been claiming her as a minority years ago, Elizabeth Warren said, “I think I read about it on the front page of the Herald,’’ referring to a newspaper article that had been published that day.

- May 2: Warren acknowledged that she listed herself as a minority in a widely published legal directory for nine years before arriving at Harvard in hopes “that I’d get invited to some lunch group or some - maybe some dinner conversation and I might find some more people like me . . . people for whom Native American is part of their heritage and part of their hearts.’’ The directory did not specifically list her as Native American.

- May 2: In a separate interview with a Globe reporter, Warren, asked when she reported herself as a minority or Native American in the context of her Harvard hiring process, said: “There was no - there is no reporting for this. It came up in lunch conversation lunch once with faculty and - after the fact.’’ Referring to “family lore’’ and a picture of a relative with “high cheekbones,’’ Warren said of her heritage, “it’s just one part of who I am. And I’m proud of it. I wouldn’t want to hide it from anyone.’’

- May 8: Warren’s spokeswoman said Scott Brown has “ridiculously attacked Elizabeth Warren with questions that have already been answered.’’

- May 30: Warren acknowledged in a statement to the Globe that she authorized Harvard and Penn to claim her as Native American, saying “at some point after I was hired by them, I . . . provided that information to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.’’ A campaign official said Warren was unable to answer questions about the issue before now because the events occurred years ago and many details had been forgotten.