Highlights of teacher contract agreement

Contract highlights

Provides a 12 percent raise during six years, projected to cost more than $136 million. There is no raise the first year, and in subsequent years it is 1, 2, 3, 3, and 3 percent. The average salary is currently $81,633.


Prohibits pay raises for teachers with unsatisfactory job reviews.

Launches a new teacher evaluation system that should reward exemplary teachers, guarantees support for teachers who need it, and streamlines the process of firing unsatisfactory teachers. Eventually, the system will take into account the performance of a teacher’s students.

Creates 150 or so “lead teachers” and a union-run professional development ­institute with joint funding.

Gives principals more flexibility to hire the teachers they want, instead of relying heavily on seniority.

Allows teachers to have their children enrolled at their schools, depending upon ­vacancies and other factors.


Reduces maximum class sizes by one student in grades 6 and 9 at struggling schools.

Adds six nurses and eight social workers.

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