New Elizabeth Warren ad argues that ‘one vote’ could determine control of Senate

Elizabeth Warren is releasing a new advertisement this morning that makes her simplest and most direct appeal on the issue of which party controls the Senate.

The same message is being highlighted in a Democratic website being launched today called

The new ad uses somber music and pictures of Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, as well as the text “just one vote, just one senator.”


“Just one vote, just one senator, could put Republicans in control of the United States Senate,” a narrator says. “Scott Brown could be that senator. What would Republican control mean? Deep cuts in education, Medicare. New tax breaks for millionaires. The next Supreme Court justice could overturn Roe v. Wade. One vote could make the difference. Your vote against a Republican Senate. Your vote for Elizabeth Warren.”

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Warren’s voice is not heard and her picture is not used, except for a still shot at the end when she states the legally required language that she “approve[s] this message.” The ad does not explain any policies championed by Warren either, instead portraying broad differences between the party.

Democrats believe party control is their strongest argument against Brown, who remains personally popular. Brown has argued that his independence from the national party will break Washington gridlock. He has said that Warren’s confrontational style will exacerbate the Washington’s fierce partisanship, and pointed to several publications that have named him among the most bipartisan senators. Democrats argue that Brown is not reliable on key issues.

Republicans also launched a separate attack today against Warren, who is campaigning with Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. The state party called Franken “the poster-boy for misogyny,” in a press release that included instances in which Franken, a former comedian, made jokes involving rape and the plight of Afghan women.

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