Drug Lab Scandal

Annie Dookhan’s e-mail correspondence

The following e-mails are correspondence between former state drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan and George Papachristos, an assistant district attorney for Norfolk County. Dookhan faces 27 charges in the drug lab scandal and is alleged to have doctored evidence that could affect thousands of cases.

Dookhan and Papachristos discuss whether he should quit his job as a prosecutor after a disappointing case

From: Annie Dookhan


Sent: Thu 6/25/2009 11:13 PM

To: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Subject: Hey


Sorry, it's been very chaotic since the Supreme Court decision today.  A lot of us have been receiving subpoenas for court.  This is f***ing crazy.


    First of all, it was a great pleasure finally meeting you and an honor working with you. I would like to thank you for the tremendous work you did on this case.  Although the case did not go as you had planned, I hope you realized that you did everything possible.  Unlike most ADAs, you actually have strong work ethic and ambition and I commend you.  Most DA I have dealt with in the past has never taken the time to understand and interpret what we do.  I was quite impressed to the extent you went to. And it is very hard to impress me. In all the years I have been at the lab, I have never seen anyone put so much effort into their work.  It is very nice to see that characteristic in you.

 As a colleague and a friend, I would be very disappointed if you were to resign.  I hope all this nonsense of resigning is all over and that you were only venting.  Now if you think of the word resignation again, let me know.

I will have some words for you.  Now that I have seen how dedicated you are, I am definitely spoilt.

 As a colleague,  I can only help you with understanding and interpreting what we do as chemist.  As a friend, I can lend and ear to venting.  If you need a laugh or a smart ass remark you know how to find me.  Now (in your free time, hahaha) if you still want to open up a pizza shop on the side,  I will be glad to be a customer.

 Once again, thanks for all of you hard work and dedication.  It is greatly appreciated.



From: Papachristos, George (NFK)

Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 5:56 PM

To: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Subject: RE: Hey

Even though you never told me who your supervisor was, I called and found it out!

 Expect something in the mail.

 Thank you for saying those things, I can't believe it.  That was so nice of you Annie.  I'm sorry I was so upset, even though I couldn't control the fact that he defaulted, I felt like I let a lot of people down.

I really wanted to show everyone what I can do, and because this guy is such a scumbag, I didn’t have the opportunity.

 I just kept reading your email over and over again, and coming from you, that meant A LOT to me.  I really needed to hear those things.

 I think it's safe to say that I was venting....and I was so honored that you actually cared about me leaving.

 We have a tough uphill battle everyday trying to do the right thing.

 Now, with that decision, things are going to get harder......

 Glad we are on the same team...

 Thanks Annie, and have a good weekend!

 You're the best!


George N. Papachristos

Assistant District Attorney

Norfolk County District Attorney


Dookhan and Papachristos reflect on a phone conversation in which Dookhan confided her unhappiness to him. At about this time, she began using her maiden name, Khan, and telling people she was divorced.

From: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 12:23 PM

To: Papachristos, George (NFK)

Subject: Hi Hi George, Thanks for being concerned about me and my well being. I truly appreciated it. I may not have given you that impression over the phone. Thanks for being there.

I just do not like people worrying over me. I am they type of person that will help or at least try to guide you in the right direction. Most people would describe me as little Annie, always with a smile and always there and willing to help. I definitely put others over myself (I must have inherited that trait from my dad.) My way of dealing with this situation is just “bottling” it all in. Yes, I know what you are going to say. . “It’s not good.” I will not allow people to see me cry.

Please do not worry; there are more important issues to be concerned about. If you really want to know, I will tell you but you have to promise me that you will not feel bad or no tears. There is always M&Ms (hahaha).

Thanks, George. Have a good day.



From: Papachristos, George (NFK)

Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 7:20 PM

To: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Subject: RE: Hi Hey! No worries Annie, and you don’t have to explain yourself. I could tell from those texts that you had a lot going on, and I wanted to be a caring ear in case you needed to vent. You don’t have to thank me either, it’s all good. That’s what good people do, help each other and listen to each other.

There should be more people like you in the world.

I think I’m going to eat a pizz tonight, that’s my M&M’s!

My problems are far less important than yours, believe me, mine revolve around meeting the right girl, which up to this point, hasn’t happened, and it is very furstrating....

But that’s a story for another time! Talk to you soon!


George N. Papachristos

Assistant District Attorney

Norfolk County District Attorney


Annie Dookhan’s husband objects to her friendship with a single, male prosecutor

From: Papachristos, George (NFK)

Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 5:24 PM

To: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Subject: RE: Hi


I got 8 text messages on my work cell phone from your cell, and they according to the messages, they were from your husband. He said a few things that didn’t make any sense to me. I have to tell my bosses because it was on my work cell and he made several accusations that have no basis.

I just wanted to let you know. Please tell him not to contact me again if he doesn’t want to get in trouble.

Thanks Annie.

George N. Papachristos

Assistant District Attorney

Norfolk County District Attorney


Papachristos receives a mysterious e-mail from Dookhan and insists their relationship is strictly professional

From: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 10:08 PM

To: Papachristos, George (NFK)



Everything that you know about me and my personal life is a lie.

I have lied to you about my marriage and my husband.

I will have no contact with you in the future.



From: Papachristos, George (NFK)

Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 8:02 PM

To: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Subject: RE:



I know he have spoken on the phone in regards to this email.  Since it is in writing, and for whatever reason it was sent to me, I need to respond in order to clarify the situation.

 Our contact has been, is and will be strictly professional, and it is necessary for successful prosecution of these drug cases.  I have never initiated contact in a personal nature nor do I intend to.

 I know you have stated in voicemail as well as cellular phone conversation on 3-25-10, that this email was sent in regards to seeing whether someone is hacking into your email system, and for whatever reason it was sent to me. 

I do not know anything about your family situation nor is is something that is discussed in our conversations.

 I need you to clarify this by responding to this email, because as it stands, the email that was sent to me, from whomever, leaves an impression or incinuates that I have attempted to have or had something more than a strictly professional working relationship.

 I am not sure, nor do I want to know why I was sent this email, or whether I am in the middle of possible marital discourse, but I do not want to be.

 I am very committed to my job and have been since day one, and I do not get involved personally with any potential or actual witnesses.

 I need you to respond in writing confirming what I have stated, and what you have stated in voicemail, as well as cellular conversation, that the statements within the email are inacurrate and have no truth or bearing in my knowledge or involvement in your personal life.

I thought this important to send you this after I was able to view the email.


George N. Papachristos

Assistant District Attorney

Norfolk County District Attorney


From: Khan, Annie (DPH)

Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010 3:40 PM

To: Papachristos, George (NFK)

Subject: RE:


Hi George,

 Our relationship has been a strictly professional and will continue to be conducted in a professional manner.  The integrity and prosecution of my case depends on maintaining only a working relationship with you.

 Like you, I have committed and dedicated myself to my job and work incredibly hard to maintain the utmost integrity and professionalism with all of my cases. It is my responsibility to assure that the all chemists are following the policies and procedures accurately and maintain the quality control/assurance of the drug lab. It is an enormous responsibility that I take very seriously. My colleagues call me "superwoman" and say that I do too much for the lab and everyone else, in general. I am not a workalcoholic, but it is just in my nature to assist in anyway, possible.

 My professional life and my personal life are two completely different entities.  Once I am at work or dealing with work related issues, it is strictly business.  As for my personal life, it will be dealt with outside of the work environment and have no bearing on my cases.  I always have and always will continue to separate those two lifestyles. 

 As I have iterated above, our working relationship is strictly professional and has never been anything other than business.



Drug Analysis Lab


Dookhan and Papachristos discuss their shared Greek heritage and career disappointments

From: George Papachristos

To: Annie

Sent : .Thu, Nov 3, 2011 11:47 am

Subject: . RE : Hi!!!!!

Hey Annie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all is well too! Talk to you

I’m so jealous you went to my homeland! But I ‘m glad you got to go away for a little bit, you are a very hard worker!

I hope work is going well!

Everything is the same with me, just working like crazy, but I love it! DEA didn’t work out, they never had another vacancy announcement, and by the time they do, I will be too old .. .. :(

I’m waiting on the FBI for my latest application that I submitted .. ... . I wanted to be an agent so bad!

Anyway, hope all is well with you Annie!

You’re the best!


Re: Hi!!!!!

From: Annie

To: g.n .papachristos

Subject:Re: Hi!!!!! .

Date: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 3:20 pm

Glad you are keeping busy and out of’ trouble . . . (Old man : - P ... that’s for calling me kiddo.)

I am sooooo sorry about the DEA. :( I know how much you had your heart set onbeing a S/A. Good Luck with the FBI. Unfortunately, becoming a S/A is very hard and unless you have connections, generations of family or prior military/police training. But things have a way of working out for the best, take it from me. Let me ask you a question: In all the mental and tremendous physical preparation in your ambition to become a S/ A, I bet you learnt more about yourself and your capabilities; right? And that is what is going to make you a better and more committed person.

Like you said, “You love your job.” There are very,very few people in this world that would say those words and I admire you for that. (long hours, and little pay, I know) I wish there were more people like you.

Jealous??? Whatever! ... My trip to Greece was bitter sweet. I have beengoing to Greece to visit my grandparents in Katachas since I was 7 yrs. When I was 22; I gave up a year of college to move to Katachas to take care of my grandparents because they became ill and they did not want to be in a hospital. I became the neighborhood nurse, taking care of everyone. When I walked into the house, there was no words (just tears). The neighborhood took such good care ofthe house and my grandmother’s garden after they passed away. Some of theneighbors, made me fish soup and souvlaki. . . they remembered my grandfather use to make this for me. Soup and pizza are my comfort foods. I had to make the Greek wedding cookies for Nikos and making them in my grandmother’s kitchen brought back so many memories when we were kids. Don’t laugh, I spent my last night there watching “Ghostbusters” and drinking wine. (Ok, I admit “ I am a dork, nerd etc . ) , (Stop laughing! ! !) .. it was peaceful and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My parents spend over a month between Greece (Kalamaria/Athens/Stavros) and Cyprus and it was nice to see my mom with her siblings. I tried to teach my aunts and cousins how to eat with chopsticks . . it was quite funny esp. eating olives and feta.

As for work, I have been re-assigned to writing all the protocols for the Drug and Terrorism Labs, as well as address issues with the AG and Federal offices. I was pissed at first, since I love doing bench (Lab) work. But, I still get assigned the complicated cases . But I have full access to anything and everything, one of the advantages, so some of the other chemists are resentful to me. All in all, I am the only chemist that has the experience with writing protocols and knows the testing metnods for both labs. When my brother visits my place, he laughs at me because I am so “old school,” I write everything down on paper artd then type it on the computer . . .. my coffee table has books and papers everywhere. A few months ago, I was giving the opportunity to manage the Trauma Triage team in conjunction with Brigham Women, South Shore and Children’s Hospital. It’s voluntary, so no schedule . I have the years of medical training and experience, might as well put it to use. I get to work in the lab and help others, two things I love. Don’t worry, I do work hard but still enjoy a good time... as long as there [e-mail ends prematurely.]

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