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    Parking savers appear early in South Boston

    Chairs are commonly used to save coveted parking spots.
    David L Ryan, globe staff/ file 2011
    Chairs are commonly used to save coveted parking spots.

    In South Boston, where parking is at a premium on sunny days, not one legal spot was without a car. And residents in the 400 block of East Sixth Street may have been the first to put out the distinctive neighborhood snow implement – the parking space saver.

    In front of the parking space at 459 E. 6th Street sat a gray garbage can with white paper taped to it saying, “Owner-occupied handicapped parking.’’

    Because of the chronic parking problem, residents turned to grocery strollers and sheer muscle to carry groceries from the Stop & Shop store on Broadway, a store where shelves were steadily being emptied of meats, milk, and frozen pizza.


    Near the Boston Fire Department station on K Street, Vivian Lyons took a brief break from carrying her share of the storm goods home. In her case, it was cheese, cereal, tonic, and food for her Carson Russell terrier, Nunu.

    “The supermarket is chaotic,’’ she said. “The shelves are empty.’’

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