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Adrian Walker

Menino went from accidental mayor to transformative figure

Menino became acting mayor by the slimmest of margins, winning the job as council president by a mere vote

Yvonne Abraham

Tom Menino was a master of the heart

His greatness was in the follow-through after critical moments, in quiet acts of kindness and shows of support.

Tears and shock around Boston City Hall

City workers nursed welling eyes and solemn faces as they struggled to come to terms with the passing of Menino.

Baker says he may have gotten some details of fisherman story wrong

ATTLEBORO -- Charlie Baker, questioned by Martha Coakley’s campaign about a fisherman’s story that caused him to tear up during a debate earlier this week, said Thursday that he may have gotten some details of the story wrong.

At least two dead in Wichita airport crash

At least four others were hospitalized and five are missing after a small plane crashed into a building at an airport in Kansas.

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Christian Day, shown in his work clothes, promotes himself as “the World’s Best-Known Warlock.”

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Salem warlock blends business with sorcery

Christian Day is a practicing witch who is trying to bring magic to the masses, with a veritable empire under his thumb and a coven of haters circling all around.

Independent Buddy Cianci (left) is once again running for mayor. Jorge Elorza, a Democrat, is running against Cianci.

In Providence, politics unusual are politics as usual

Allegations of voter fraud are nothing new in Providence. Once again, authorities are looking into allegations of mail ballot fraud.

Interactive map

Gregory Lewis’s alleged crime spree

A map and timeline of where Lewis allegedly traveled and the crimes he committed, according to police.

Yvonne Abraham

Turning the tables

What if Charlie Baker and his tears were treated the way women candidates so often are?

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// Boston homicides in 2014

Information about victims of homicides in Boston in 2014.


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// Patrick’s legacy shows dents

As the candidates running for governor try to match his electoral success, Deval Patrick gets mixed reviews from voters.

Special Report: The Longest Road


At 17, the shadow fell: a devastating diagnosis of mental illness. Trouble, hospital, home, into the depths again. Now, he aims to make his way back.

Arrest of Aaron Hernandez



Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is charged with the murder of Dorchester man Odin Lloyd, whose body was found near Hernandez’s home.