Jerry Healy, 66; wrote mystery series, mentored writers

Mr. Healy wrote books based on a Boston-based detective, John Francis Cuddy.

Mr. Healy wrote the John Francis Cuddy 13-book series of mysteries.

Mr. Greaves (right), with author Walter Mosely and Elinor R. Tatum, publisher of the Amsterdam News, attended an anniversary celebration of Harlem’s Schomburg Center.

William Greaves, 87; documentarian, pioneering journalist

Mr. Greaves helped bring an African-American perspective to mainstream America.

Mr. Brüggen was also a virtuouso recorder player.

Frans Brüggen, pioneer in early music, Dies at 79

Mr. Brüggen co-founded and conducted the influential Orchestra of the 18th Century.

// Sam Hunter, curator and museum founder, dies at 91

Mr. Hunter was an art historian (an authority on 20th-century art), a museum director, a curator, an art critic and an art adviser to museums, corporations and collectors.

// Philippine de Rothschild, at 80; ‘Baroness’ of Bordeauxs

Mrs. de Rothschild was an energetic and self-certain grande dame of Bordeaux wine who halted an acting career to run vineyards.

Helen Bamber, 89; fierce witness for torture victims

Ms. Bamber traveled alone to post-World War II Germany to care for former inmates of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Ahmed Seif, 63; pioneering Egyptian civil rights lawyer

Mr. Seif was imprisoned in the 1970s and ’80s for his activism against government policies.

Enrique Zileri, 83; influential publisher

Mr. Zileri was former publisher of Peru’s leading newsmagazine, Caretas.

Oglala Sioux leader Gerald One Feather; at 76

Gerald One Feather was a former tribal president and advocate for educational opportunities.

Frederick Ruffner Jr., titan of reference books, dies at 88

Frederick Ruffner was widely regarded as one of the foremost publishers of his kind.

Alexander Tanger was a senior executive for several stations, including WHDH.

Alexander M. Tanger, at 94; helped run radio and TV stations

Mr. Tanger bought a Rhode Island radio station and went on to help build a chain of television and FM radio stations.

Alan Landsburg, at 81; Emmy-winning producer

Mr. Landsburg produced 50 television films during four decades in Hollywood.