Frank Mankiewicz, 90; was aide to RFK and McGovern

Frank Mankiewicz updated reporters on Robert F. Kennedy’s condition after he was shot.

Associated Press

Mr. Mankiewicz was Senator Robert Kennedy’s press secretary and directed George McGovern’s losing 1972 presidential campaign.

Mr. Tighe was an official at the 1999 Citrus Bowl, when TomBrady led Michigan to victory.

Paul Tighe, 76, of Melrose; football official

Mr. Tighe, of Melrose, officiated at football games for more than 30 years and also was a baseball umpire.

Mr. Bramlett played for two seasons with the Patriots.

John ‘Bull’ Bramlett, 73; played for Patriots

Bramlett was a linebacker for the Patriots in 1969-70, and also played for three other teams.

After a decade teaching at MIT, Dr. Reichenbach became a venture capitalist, using his technical expertise.

George Reichenbach, 85; supported conservation in Carlisle

Dr. Reichenbach taught at MIT before moving into industry and then to private equity and venture capital firms.

Elvis Presley appeared on “Stage Show” on March 17, 1956. Below, Mr. Wertheimer posed with “The Kiss.” Presley’s visit to the Hotel Jefferson in Richmond surprised the waitress.

Alfred Wertheimer, 85; famed Elvis photographer

Mr. Wertheimer’s portraits of Elvis Presley documented the birth of a music legend.

The day President Reagan was shot will be dangerous, Ms. Quigley had predicted.

Joan Quigley, 87; astrologer for the Reagans

Ms. Quigley claimed to have convinced President Reagan to soften his stance toward the Soviet Union.

Dr. Rovee-Collier’s specialty was largely unexplored by the giants of psychology.

Carolyn Rovee-Collier, 72; psychologist studied infant memories

Dr. Rovee-Collier, a developmental psychologist at Rutgers University, challenged the theory that the infant brain was not equipped to remember much.

Mr. Honan’s “Jane Austen: Her Life” revealed details about her extended family.

Park Honan; biographer redefined authors’ lives, at 86

Mr. Honan wrote five major biographies in the last four decades, including books on Jane Austen and William Shakespeare.

“Baker Street” kick-started Raphael Ravenscroft’s career, leading to gigs with Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, and America.

Raphael Ravenscroft, 60; ‘Baker Street’ saxophonist

Mr. Ravenscroft played one of the most famous saxophone solos of all time on Gerry Rafferty’s ‘‘Baker Street.”

Peter Daland, 93; championship USC swim coach

Mr. Daland guided his teams to national titles and produced 62 Olympians.

Herbert (left) and Bunker Hunt tried to corner the silver market with another brother, but their scheme failed.

Nelson Bunker Hunt, 88; tycoon lost fortune in silver

Mr. Hunt tried to corner the world’s silver market only to lose most of his fortune when the price collapsed.