Judith Edelman, at 91; architect and firebrand in a male-dominated field

Ms. Edelman’s legacy includes designing housing for the needy, health clinics, and other buildings throughout New York City.

Paul Craft, 76; wrote the songs country stars sang

Mr. Craft penned the words to songs made famous by the likes of Ray Stevens, Alison Krauss, the Eagles, and Linda Ronstadt.

Anita Cerquetti, at 83; soprano who gained fame after replacing a prima donna

Ms. Cerquetti had a powerful, dramatic voice that audiences adored.

Robert Tiernan, at 85; former R.I. congressman

Mr. Tiernan was a lawyer who was elected to the state Senate in 1960, representing Warwick, and the US House in 1967.

John S. Waugh, 85; expert on nuclear magnetic resonance

Dr. Waugh, of Lincoln, was an MIT professor who conducted pioneering research on NMR.

Stan Saleski, 59; longtime baseball scout

Mr. Saleski, a Worcester native, spent more than three decades scouting at the major league level for the Giants, Marlins, and New York Yankees.

John Bok “truly believed in Boston.” Below, Bok (right) and his wife, Joan, joined Robert F. Walsh, their cochair of  the Pine Street Inn Capital Campaign, at a 1995 event.

John F. Bok, 84; helped preserve Boston’s history, shape development

Mr. Bok used his background as a lawyer to help shape Boston in a variety of ways.

Bishop Thomas Shaw retired earlier this year.

Bishop M. Thomas Shaw, former Episcopal leader; at 69

Among Boston’s most powerful clergy, Bishop Shaw was an early, key advocate for gay rights.

Manhattan Transfer had featured Tim Hauser (left), Cheryl Bentyne, Janis Siegel, and Alan Paul since the late 1970s.

Tim Hauser, 72; was founder of the Manhattan Transfer

Mr. Hauser’s group brought four-part harmonies to several decades’ worth of American popular songs.

James M. LaRossa was often in the center of major cases as the defense lawyer for mob bosses, judges, and politicians.

James M. LaRossa, high-profile defense lawyer; at 82

Mr. LaRossa was often in the center of major cases as the defense lawyer for mob bosses, judges, and politicians.

In his five years as director, attendance at the museum grew dramatically.

Robert W. Fri, 78; directed Natural History Museum

Mr. Fri, an expert on environmental and energy policy, helped steer the museum through a period of renovation and rapid growth.