Robert A. Havern III, at 65; longtime state senator and representative

Mr. Havern grew up in Arlington and served his hometown as a selectman, a state representative, and a state senator.

Yehuda Nir, at 84; Holocaust survivor aided trauma victims

Dr. Nir emerged from World War II with a deep sense of the injustice that had been done to his family and a mission to heal the impact of calamity in others.

Robert Panara, at 94; deaf educator and pioneer

Mr. Panara lost his hearing as a child and became a leading educator of the deaf and a pioneer of studies of deaf culture.

Thomas Berger, at 89; versatile satirical novelist

Mr. Berger was a reclusive and bitingly satirical novelist who explored the myths of the American West in “Little Big Man.”

Bill Mulliken, at 74; underdog swam to Olympic gold in ‘60

Mr. Mulliken was a little-known college swimmer who outpaced national champions in the 200-meter breaststroke to win gold in the 1960 Olympic Games.

Skye McCole Bartusiak, at 21; actress in ‘The Patriot’

Ms. Bartusiak was best known for her role in “The Patriot,” where she played the daughter of militia leader Benjamin Martin who struggled to speak with her father.

Mr. Gentry also co-wrote “Helter Skelter,’’ about the Charles Manson murders.

The New York Times/1991 file

Curt Gentry, at 83; J. Edgar Hoover biographer

Mr. Gentry also co-wrote “Helter Skelter,’’ about the Charles Manson murders.

Former Oregon governor Vic Atiyeh (right) joined then-Governor Ted Kulongoski at a memorial ceremony for police.

Vic Atiyeh, at 91; last Republican governor in Oregon

Mr. Atiyeh shepherded Oregon through a deep recession during two terms in the 1980s.

As executive director of SatelLife, Ms. Ladd provided health professionals in less developed nations with online access to critical medical information.

Holly Ladd, at 59; public policy activist wrote powerful blog after ALS diagnosis

During her many years leading nonprofits and health care information agencies, Ms. Ladd crafted phrases that combined compassion with calls to action.

Mr. Garner starred on television as amiable gambler Bret Maverick and cranky sleuthJim Rockford. On screen, Mr. Garner, seen with his wife, Lois, usually got the girl.

James Garner, at 86; antihero for whom viewers rooted

Mr. Garner was a wry and handsome leading man who slid seamlessly between television and the movies.

Alice Coachman, clearing the bar at five feet to win the high jump in National Track Meet.

Alice Coachman Davis, 90; first black woman to win Olympic gold

Ms. Coachman captured the high jump for the United States at the 1948 London Games.