State boosts key water projects

In all, the state Water Pollution Abatement Trust offered $542 million in loans to support 80 water projects.


Literary festival celebrates 9th year

Michael Astrue of Belmont, who writes under the pen name A.M. “Mike’’ Juster, is set to join a field of luminaries at the upcoming Newburyport Literary Festival.

This Marathon something special

Training during cold and gloomy winter days in New England is a prerequisite for local runners determined to complete a Boston Marathon.


Temples trading dues for pledges

Factors that have changed Jewish life in the last decade are forcing synagogues to create strategic plans to stay solvent.

Ireland needs its own Patriots Day

As I’ve discovered in my two decades here, nobody enjoys a day off from work or values the past more than the Irish.

Eva Sacharuk of Wenham (left) speaks with Halyna Mushak of Salem as Larissa Gemme listens after Palm Sunday Mass.

Mark Lorenz for the Boston Globe


Prayers for peace in Ukraine

After Easter Sunday Mass, the Rev. James Morris will bless baskets filled with foods such as kielbasa, sweet bread, and ornately decorated eggs.

Adriana Fernandes, right, speaks with Amelia Lara of Everett who was collecting information as part of a new immigrant outreach program in Somerville.


Building bridges for new arrivals

Cities north and west of Boston, including Somerville, Malden, Newton, and Revere, are trying different ways to better serve burgeoning immigrant populations.

The von Trapps return to Newburyport April 29 to perform as part of the Roots Music Concert Series at the Belleville Church on High Street.


The von Trapps share their sounds of music

The great-grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp, whose story was told in the “Sound of Music,” return to the stage in Newburyport April 29.

Tony Bettencourt, the owner and chef at 62 Restaurant in Salem, prepares a gluten-free version of his handmade tagliatelle that he developed through  tweaking flours and proportions in many test batches of the pasta recipe.

Dining Out

Living with dietary limits doesn’t mean living without

Being a food enthusiast with a curiosity about all cuisines, I came to terms with my recent Celiac diagnosis pretty quickly.

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Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr. takes aim inside the trailer-truck, where thousands of public safety officers have fired rounds as part of their training.

Trailer training for police

It looks like an ordinary white tractor-trailer with the faintest popping noises tipping off passersby that the cargo is a firing range for law enforcement officers.

Who taught YOU to Drive?

Who Taught You to Drive?

It may not always be apparent, but Massachusetts has laws for bicyclists as well as motorists.

Bicyclists return with spring thaw

It’s become a rite of spring, as regular as buds on trees and Red Sox games. I speak, of course, of the moment one realizes that bicyclists are back on the road.

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// High school concussions

See the number of concussions reported by area high schools with a sortable table.

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// The Best of Beverly Beckham

I was the sun, the kids were my planets, and other reflections from the Globe columnist.