Batchelder students have a smart idea

A team of third-grade students at the L.D. Batchelder School was honored last Friday for its innovative entry in a national science competition. The team – Megan Carey, Sarah Hatton, Brian Heffernan, and Blake Miller – was selected as one of 24 regional winners in this year’s Toshiba/National Science Teachers Association ExploraVision program, which drew a field of 4,807 entries. The competition asks students to imagine ideas for technologies that could exist in 20 years. The Batchelder team envisioned the “Smart Desk’’ as a replacement for the current classroom work surface. The Smart Desk features wireless computer technologies and a touch screen designed to save teachers time while grading papers and exchanging information with their pupils. The team is working on a website that will be submitted for judging in the next round of the competition next month.

- Brenda J. Buote