Newbury: Override on Tuesday election ballot

Voters will face a $293,000 property tax override on Tuesday's election ballot. If passed, the money would be used to fund several town departments, including public safety, the library, and Town Hall. According to a fact sheet prepared by the town, if the override fails, the Police Department budget will be cut by $100,000, likely eliminating overnight patrol shifts and two full-time positions. Passage of the override would maintain current positions and coverage, enable the purchase of an additional cruiser, and allow for small wage increases for the department. Fire Department wages and expenses would be cut by $100,000 if the override fails. The additional money also would fund a full-time laborer, at a $29,000 salary, for the Public Works department, as well as a full-time Town Hall position, also at a $29,000 salary, to perform administrative tasks and coverage when staff members are away. Another $34,000 would go to the library to increase the new director's salary and to potentially increase hours. Taryn Plumb