Hamilton votes to accept Patton homestead

At Saturday’s annual Town Meeting in Hamilton, residents voted unanimously to accept the Patton Homestead, including 27 acres of land and valued at $2 million.

The Patton family offered to donate the homestead, once home to General George S. Patton, to the town for historic preservation.

Residents also voted an assessment for the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District budget that included a $500,000 “giveback” to residents of Hamilton and Wenham. The Regional School Committee had approved a budget that did not include the overage in the Excess & Deficiency Account, and was scheduled to meet to determine whether to change its budget request or to seek approval at another Town Meeting.


Residents also voted to rescind a May 2006 Town Meeting vote to sell a town-owned parcel on Lake Drive, which neighbors use for access to Chebacco Lake.

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