Real estate home sales/North


58 Shawsheen Rd. Anthony Lucacio to Edward J. Dodge and Jessica A. Dodge, $309,900

47 George Brown St. Nitin Chopra to Jaswinder Singh and Ranjeet Kaur, $212,000

10 Sheffield Drive Eugene W. Guild to Matthew W. Guild, $120,000



104 Muller Rd. Amena Malik and Sheriff M. Sahadulla to Fiorella Downey, $620,000
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13 Town Line Rd. Daniel R. Digregorio and Sharon D. Digregorio to Adam J. Senesi and Jessica L. Senesi, $439,000

7 Pine Ridge Rd. Adam Senesi and Jessica Gould to Sheldon E. Cooperman and Marjorie J. Cooperman, $328,250


72 Spencer Ave. Vladimir Khaynovsky to Blanca E. Hernandez and Steven L. Funez, $324,000


61 Madison Ave. Senad Mehic and Belkisa Mehic to Jose M. Santos and Eduarda M. Santos, $310,000


23 Plumer St. Joseph A. Devito to Fouad F. Fakhiri, $267,000

11 Tileston St. Alfonso Desimone and Maria T. Cutone to Carmelina Desimone and Luigi Desimone, $85,000


29 Essex St. Michael R. Topping to Anthony Tropeano and Erin Tropeano, $425,000

58 Edward Ave. Edward Avenue RT and Andrew B. Perkins to Michael P. Obrien and Kathy L. Obrien, $395,000


19 Forest Court Jeffrey P. Carroll to Jennifer Norman and Neville Dhanjee, $360,000


11 Wentworth St. Chiu C. Chan and Sheng Chen to Xiaomei Chen, $330,000


2 Monument Ter Anthony J. Barretto and Donna M. Barretto to Alexander Kuritnik and Boris Kuritnik, $585,000

69 South St. Robert Perreault and Claudine Perreault to Alex Schrebler, $450,000

131 Middlesex Ave. Brijesh P. Chandwani and Monica S. Chainani to Keith Dlugolenski, $347,000


42 Lynde Ave. Kelly A. Spirou and Michael D. Burnett to Sarah Bennett and Michael Durney, $430,199

32 N Mountain Ave. Richard K. Brennan and Julie A. Brennan to Susanne A. Douglas and Mark A. Douglas, $272,000

27 Ravine Ter Edward F. Mcglinchy to Amanda Neyhard and James Neyhard, $230,000


1 Central St. L&I RT and Leo L. Lermond to Joseph Giardella, $386,500


21 Bishops Way Emma C. Mcgeachie and John S. Mcgeachie to Daniel R. Digregorio and Sharon D. Digregorio, $785,000

207 Swan Pond Rd. James A. Farley and Mallalieu Farley to Jared Elderide and Laurie J. Candelora, $434,500

42 Linwood Ave. Cosato Anthony Est and Rosemary Carriere to Paul Mcadam and Peter Mcadam, $304,500


14 Fox Run Lane Kimberly A. Bitto and Michael J. Bitto to John Sage and Jennifer Sage, $570,000

77 Pine Ridge Rd. Paul B. Roberts 2011 T. and Paul B. Roberts to Henry J. Bonasera and Eileen Bonasera, $450,000

45 Bear Hill Rd. Takashi Hayakawa and Pamela J. Mclean to Brian T. Souza, $422,450


25 Roland Rd. Puopolo Dale Est and Maureen D. Spinale to Richard Steidle, $290,000

29 Elmwood St. John J. Henry and Debra C. Molle to Nikjia R. Bowles, $275,000

240 Crescent Ave. Mina Makane to Zouheir Baidori, $253,000


2401 Lewis O Gray Drive Jeffrey J. Chizmas to Anthony Rosso and Alexandra Jackson, $280,000

23 Blueridge Ave. Paul J. Vansteensburg to Julianne M. Dicicco, $260,000

8 Beech St. Richard E. Neuner to Sead Kedic and Meleca Kedic, $255,000

9 Bow St. Rose A. Kotkowski to Andrew Bates, $255,000

29 Elmwood Ave. Abrar M. Masud and Ranaa Masud to Ana Gomez and Salvatore Palumbo, $251,000


34 Ware St. Kirchberger Marie Est and Joanne Robinson to Milan Pavlinic and Joland Kenyeres-Pavlinic, $845,000

47 Russell Rd. #47 David P. Hayes and Julia Lull to Daniel E. Rosan and Rachel S. Rosan, $570,000

17 Sterling St. Sterling RT and Michael S. Cianci to John Garron and Lauren Marley, $485,000

3 Banks St. #3 James F. Rose and Eileen M. Rose to Andrew Wilson and Megan Mazza, $457,000

28 Highland Ave. #1 Matthew Bairos to David Hatch-Bernier and Jonathan D. Tracy, $369,900

135 Willow Ave. #4 Jane H. Mullins and Phil E. Mullins to Charlotte Kim, $365,000

188 Lowell St. #3 Alessandro Moretto and Irene Ramirez to Cornelia Kroeger-Jakobs and Daniel Jakobs, $277,000


17 Drummond Rd. Robert Souza and Cynthia Fiore-souza to Edward A. Reczek and Sarah S. Reczek, $345,000

26 Warren St. James Pelissier and Kerianne Pelissier to Sherry L. Mcginley and Robert Dickenson, $274,500

86 Spring St. #1 Laurie B. Potter to Joan P. Croce, $205,000


95 Evergreen Rd. Joanne Bordonaro and Michael S. Bordonaro to Esteban Jaimes and Sandra L. Jaimes, $390,000

394 Whipple Rd. Richard A. Tabor and Nancy G. Tabor to Sandra M. Villa, $385,000

25 Longmeadow Rd. Frank J. Degiso and Theresa S. Degiso to Emmanuel Exilhomme and Sandra Exilhomme, $280,000

29 Wightman Rd. James T. Sullivan and Deborah A. Sullivan to Alfred N. Meegan and Susan F. Meegan, $229,000


12 Ginn Rd. Janet L. Mirabella and Raymond M. Mirabella to Kara E. Spelman and Paul A. Spelman, $730,000

43 Robinhood Rd. Dorothy D. Driscoll to Pedro A. Palou, $660,000

83 Church St. #14 Cornelia G. Nichols to Mary A. Moore, $600,000

30 York Rd. Herman F. Kett and Janet R. Kett to Daniel J. Noonan and Kathleen P. Noonan, $564,000


199 Somerset Ave. Carla Vitale and Ronald J. Vitale to Michael R. Anslinger, $337,000

162 Bartlett Rd. Judith E. Carey to John Teixeira, $285,000

53 Trident Ave. #204 Keith Watkins and Robert J. Watkins to Steven Novia, $156,000


84 Garfield Ave. Richard F. Kenney and Kimberly E. Kenney to Eun K. Kim and Dianne Kim, $311,000

56 Beach St. Stokes Michael E. Est and Jaclyn Stokes to Michael R. Stokes and Erin E. Stokes, $300,000

1001 Main St. #19 Christopher M. Ponte to Robert Donahue, $164,000