Real estate home sales


662 Boston Rd. Barry H. Danzig and Lucy Danzig to 662 Boston Road LLC, $310,000

4 Bancroft St. Michael A. Winitizer and Julianne G. Winitizer to Matthew M. Leavitt and Danielle L. Leavitt, $289,000

2 Perreault Ave. Michael R. Napolitano and Patricia Napolitano to Sabrina Marin and Henry Marin, $265,000



30 Daniel Drive Daniel J. Paone and Marie M. Paone to Yanshen Zhu, $432,500

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140 Winn St. John M. Giglio and Bonnie Giglio to Brook L. Ames and Katrina E. Ames, $427,000

13 Fowler Ter Matthew C. Lee to Jennifer M. Butler and Jillian Butler, $386,000

6 Hallmark Gdns #8 Loretta E. Norcross to William J. Moskaluk, $141,500


22 Prospect Ave. William Settipane to Gilberto Landaverde, $401,000


16 Eustis St. Marianna Star LLC to Sandra E. Molina and Joshua L. Rodriguez, $302,500

140 Grove St. Omar Zelaya and Ever Zelaya to Kinian J. Artica, $189,000

441 Washington Ave. #103 Mitch F. Cherniack to Adam Dennis, $177,000

165 Cottage St. #410 Abraham Fotiadis to Josefina M. Pais and Rui A. Pais, $119,000


85 Pearl St. Susan McCole-Dinisco to Robert W. Klemm, $390,000


104 Kinsman St. Montana RT and Mastrocola Managment Inc to Leah M. Giambarressi, $355,000


9 Saunders Rd. Geoffrey P. Tolmei and Sandra Peruffo to Michael Murphy and Tricia Murphy, $575,000


154 Beachview Ave. Michelle Doherty to Edward L. Herland, $400,000

131 Main St. John M. Murphy and Roberta Murphy to Melly M. Situ and Guohua Situ, $385,000

40 Home St. Alexander Bonassera to Samuel T. Tran, $288,000

180 Summer St. #204 Geoffrey D. Leonard to Tamy Chung, $275,000

18 Knoll St. Vincent Ciano to Julie L. Cooper, $250,000

63 Rocky Nook Ryan P. Fortier to Jody Faulkner, $205,500

36 Central Ave. Armstrong Irene B. Est and Lawrence V. Armstrong to Patrick M. Sherman and Jessica Mcdevitt, $170,000

20 Daniels St. #213 Kathleen M. Chaves to Abraham Woldeselassie, $157,000


15 Kilgore Ave. Richard J. Freda and Maria A. Freda to Daniel D. Elliott and Megan B. Bayer, $502,000

49 Saltonstall Rd. Whitney Ann C. Est and Robin A. Gignte to Maura Kennedy, $500,000

68 Central Ave. #301 Joanne Stpierre and Robert F. Dinatale to Katherine E. Shannon, $368,500

45 Court St. #B Curtis S. Warrington and Maria Warrington to Katherine Robertson, $332,500

110 Boston Ave. James W. Martin and Kathleen H. Martin to Seth D. Kleinman and Joan E. Kreie, $330,000

13 Fulton St. Danton Perez and Katharine Wilson-Perez to William M. Ramsay and Amy E. Ramsay, $320,000

342 Malden St. Canton Terrace LLC to Thomas Kirkpatrick and Margaret Kirkpatrick, $299,000

39 Ridgeway Rd. Eileen A. Pirie to Ronald Giovino, $288,000

69 Arlington St. William H. Oliver to William H. Oliver, $250,000


85 W Wyoming Ave. Paula E. Beck to Melrose Afford Hsng Corp, $600,000

461 Main St. 461-465 Main Street T. and Joseph W. Cunningham to 461-469 Main Street RT and Theodore Lantzakis, $500,000

45 Myrtle St. Virginia R. Foley and Michael D. Robertson to Andrew Lanclos and Lisa M. Lee, $452,750

718 Lynn Fells Pkwy Linda Kossin to Kristofer F. Vanherp and Emily A. Vanherp, $375,000

6 Winter Place Brian W. Mirasolo and Austin A. Gilliland to Joshua Nupp and Lindsey Nupp, $296,950

250 Franklin St. Dana I. Kroon and Shanon L. Danehy to Laurent Mathieu and Annemarie Mathieu, $282,000

82 Washington St. Justin Nee to Victoria Halinski, $273,500


4 Bonpel Rd. William J. Chase and Kristin G. Chase to Mayur Ramgir and Debalina Sarkar, $562,000

221 Haverhill St. Barbara J. Wiseman and Edward H. Wiseman to Simone Franco, $373,000

5 Greenbriar Drive #207 Charlene M. Phillips to John S. Walsh and Kathleen M. Walsh, $169,000


89 Sunnyside Ave. Marianne Maguire and Matthew J. Maguire to Desmond Conte and Tricia Conte, $550,000

409 Lowell St. Richard K. Anderson and Nancy L. Anderson to Rebecca K. Goldfarb, $465,000

30 Lafayette Rd. John B. Walsh and Kathleen M. Walsh to Justin F. Sthilaire and Randi L. Sthilaire, $430,000

30 Avon St. Michael W. Lee to Lynn H. Clark, $405,000

13 Locust St. Christine M. Coughlin to Colm P. Eliet and Carolyn M. Eliet, $400,000

21 Overlook Rd. Kevin R. Wells and Karen E. Wells to John M. Oleary and Debra M. Oleary, $390,000

91 Green St. Edward F. Grace to Michael F. Farnham and Lauren Farnham, $229,900


38 Bateman Ave. Darlene Mccarthy to Justin Tullo and Loloa Ibrahim, $300,000

281 Rumney Rd. Deborah J. Dagresta to Jennifer Morgan, $257,000

382 Ocean Ave. #308 Patricia L. Magrath to Lyse Lowe, $195,000

100 Crystal Ave. Tourtellotte Ernest A. Est and Erik K. Hagstrom to Mario Lemus, $152,900

48 Shawmut St. 48 Shawmut RT and Navid Maraghen to Khalid Jaouahir and Ouijdan B. Mehdi, $107,000


26 Intervale Ave. Michael J. Murphy and Tricia A. Murphy to Joao F. Mauricio and Maria F. Mauricio, $360,000

10 Lindsell St. Ernst Desir and Denise Desir to Danielle Petelle, $221,000

21 Westford St. Scott Mclernon and Marilyn L. Sanderson to Scott D. Phelan, $165,000


12 Foskett St. George Maloof FT and Barbara T. Capuano to Jeremy Seeger, $780,000

141 North St. Puglia Rose Est and Bernard Goldberg to George E. Mikhael and Alexandra S. Hatzopoulos, $520,000

72 Lexington Ave. #2 Ann K. Newman to Ian Johnstone, $425,000

1 Fitchburg St. #C407 Carla Wilbur to Daniel B. Reiner, $380,000

10 Allen Court Robert D. Klapper and Deborah R. Klapper to Kevin Emery, $365,000

386 Washington St. #2A Michelle K. Dennehy to Camille A. Clarke, $362,500

209 Willow Ave. #3 Peter Sedlak and Beth Carron to Jason Weigold, $350,000

145 Albion St. #1 James R. Smith to Jared Hannon, $305,000

58 Bow St. #A Susanna Schroeder to Mary Powers, $298,000


41 Winship Drive #22 Stabile Homes Stoneham to Paul Burditt and Sheryle Burditt, $731,415

45 Winship Drive #25 Stabile Homes Stoneham to Daniel Doherty and Mary Doherty, $718,174

29 Towne Crest Drive Theresa C. Aronofsky to David M. Foley and Colleen P. Foley, $525,000

383 William St. Susan M. Lomas to James G. Fiore and Melanie Fiore, $435,000

8 Brookbridge Rd. Auburn NT and Joseph J. Magliozzi to Emanuele Digrande and Lucia Digrande, $425,000

39 Endicott Rd. Daniel J. Doherty and Mary P. Doherty to Marie-Elena Inacio, $385,000

57 Westwood Rd. Maria K. Larossa and Jesse D. Chambers to Daniel J. Ercolini and Tracie A. Ercolini, $345,000

61 High St. Dorothy A. Bonfanti to Ronald L. Albrecht, $333,000

224 Park St. #C9 Carol Helinski to Catherine C. Gosselin, $279,900

66 Main St. #14A Joshua I. Aiello to Gloria E. Sullivan, $193,500

157 Franklin St. #A11 Andy Tsai to Tamires Ronchini, $151,000


246 Mitchell G Drive John F. Murray and Enge M. Murray to Vincent Linder and Carolina V. Linder, $496,000

61 Barry Drive Walter C. Elliman and Kathleen F. Elliman to Lynn A. Leonard and Kevin F. Leonard, $429,900

40 Greylock Rd. Eric D. Imparato and Leanne P. Imparato to Jason Martins and Nicole C. Martins, $405,000

95 Starr Ave. Patricia A. Elder to Donna J. Small, $343,000

11 Claire St. Siddarth Gehlot to John F. Murray and Enge Murray, $340,000

49 Fairway Drive Pollard Fairway Drive T. and Marion R. Pollard to Aronofksy FT and Leslie Pasonessa, $275,000

85 Eagle Drive Yvan Dery and Constance T. Dery to Antonio Tordiglione and Rosaria Tordiglione, $242,500

106 Heritage Drive Virginia A. Ellington to Joshua Richard and Richard Deveer, $200,000


11 High St. John J. Parker and Sarah E. Parker to Golden RT and Debra A. Goldberg, $320,000

395 Chestnut St. David W. Brownell and Cheryl N. Brownell to Thomas Drake and Anna Lam, $276,500

20 Linda Rd. Slack T. and Barbara J. Zaino to HHC RT and Hugh H. Callahan, $175,000


5 Saint Thomasmore Drive Deborah L. Leavitt to Christopher V. Tashjian and Kim Tashjian, $1,650,000

1 Ivy Circle David A. Fiorentino and Denise M. Fiorentino to Adam P. Rudiger and Elana S. Rudiger, $974,000

20 Brookside Ave. Thomas S. Lapointe and Barbara A. Lapointe to Esme Holdings LLC, $335,000

19 Richardson St. Joanna M. Pywell to Andrew D. Pywell and Marit E. Pywell, $200,000

21 Pond St. Duffy Realty LLC to Anthony C. Kelley and Elizabeth L. Kelley, $160,000


45 Emerson Rd. Paul W. Marks and Carolyn M. Marks to Robert Werstak and Amy Werstak, $440,000

115 Winthrop St. #2 Debra J. Deltoro to Angelica M. Colon, $255,000


35 Webster St. David Tracy to Noel Bielawa and James A. Slagen, $385,000

31 Carroll Rd. Jordan Richard P. Est and Richard P. Jordan to Mark Jordan, $320,000

295 Salem St. #31 Richard H. Ghiozzi and Patricia E. Ghiozzi to Edward F. Doherty, $314,000

36 Cambridge Rd. #11 Marjorie Hammond to Edmund P. Belleza, $298,000

6 Creston Ave. Frederick Peary FT and Christine Jewer to Jeffrey A. Heimlick and Ann M. Heimlick, $232,500

19 Center St. Jerome J. Gorrasi and Michelle Gorrasi to Christian P. Dossantos and Gloria R. Pinto, $135,000

80 N Warren St. #35 William J. Corbett to Tara B. Gagnon, $127,000